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I saw a man with a glass

I saw a man with a glass of palm wine in his hand and a wedding ring on the right finger but there was no lady there.

I had a dream that i bought

I had a dream that i bought my husband a new wedding ring and then was chasing him and his ex girlfriend,the only other woman he was in love with besides me. at the end of my dream we found my husbands wedding ring the one he lost in a glass of water that a woman i have never met before found because she dropped her phone under a table and her flash light on her phone was on.

I dreamt that I was in a

I dreamt that I was in a classroom and my friend wanted me to ask the teacher to go on a field trip with her. I didn't finish my homework yet and I was in my underwear. I felt naked so I put my shirt back on. Then I had another dream I was in a cabin in the snow. And I heard tires screeching because some cars were racing. One crashed and slide through the front of the porch I was on so I had to jump out of the way. I got really scared because the second car was coming back so I started to jump some fences and a creek to get to help. As I was running to the cabin next to me I saw a man in a helicopter go to the crashed car. I run up some stairs in the cabin and told someone. We all ran outside but the crashed car was gone. We were spending time trying to find evidence of who the person was. I wasn't sure if they believed me but then we found imprint of a wedding ring where the car had crashed.

I dreamt of my life 5 years

I dreamt of my life 5 years ahead of me being with the one I love now and being pregnant and him telling his mother about us finally and than later that day he proposed with his grandmothers wedding ring

I dreamed that I was holding my

I dreamed that I was holding my mom's hand and leading her somewhere and her diamond wedding ring came off.