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There was a murderer on the loose

There was a murderer on the loose who had a bald round head and showed a very big smile before he killed you. He shot people in the middle of the forehead and didn't kill everyone in the family. At one point we were on a bus and the bus started to sink so we sunk down to an underwater school so they could help us and once they opened up the back door of the bus I was at home in my parents room. My dad was in the shower and my mom was sleeping in my room. The night before the killer was at my neighbors house and only killed the middle child whose name was grace. Then I heard a noise and got paranoid but figured it was my cat. When it got louder I knew it was him and I ran into my room to wake up my mom. She got up and refused to help me hold the door shut. She kept saying she didn't care that he was there. He tried to open the door and I couldn't hold it shut any longer by myself. He finally wedged his way in turned behind the door to me. I grabbed the nozzle and bent it but he still shot me in the leg. Then he turned the gun around so it would shoot me right in the forehead. He looked at me smiled ear to ear and shot me.

This morning I Dreamt I was shopping

This morning I Dreamt I was shopping at a Christmas fair I was minding a baby boy and I had a gairl with me too she was about 12year old I didn’t know them anyway the girl to the little boy outside the hall then I was shaken up with and almighty bang, I stop shopping and rushed out said my haert was racing are the children all right, outside the children were all wright the baby boy was in his pram and the 12 year old girl was by him a woman was on her knees in the middle of the road and a car had crashed into a St Marys church and it was wedged into the church so it was unsay but we were all ok.

I was working with this other girl

I was working with this other girl (girl A) , we got really close and suddenly another friend (girl B) came and tell me that she has passed away. I was so sad and the two of us cried together, hugging each other. She left and I was alone. We were stationed outside a house with a open space in front of the house. A little boy called me from inside (or something like that), I went in. But then when I came out, the station outside that house was gone and there were cars/vans all preparing to leave. I don't know how but the next scene was me going back home with some friends (that I know in real life) but they didn't talk to me, they only talked among themselves. And then the next scene was me getting a pedicure in a corner shop which was really cramped. And I have no idea what the lady drew for me because I didn't even look at it after it's done. I also dont remember paying for it. The next scene was me going for the girl A's funeral. I was in a black two piece off shoulder romper and had a small black sling bag together with black thin strap wedges. There, I don't remember seeing her family members. I just remember I was really sad and cried, I even got her the exact of what I wore but in white. I stood in front of her picture ( or coffin? I cant remember) but I told her that if we had the chance I would like to meet her again in the next life and I hope that we would be good friends for a really long time. I told her that she was like an elder sister that I've never had (i'm the eldest at home with 1 younger sister) I also told her why I gave her those items, which was because now she's going to heaven so she should dress like an angel and I hope she'll be happy there. Again, I repeated the part about how nice it was meeting her and wanting to even be her sister the next life. Then I woke up feeling really emotional and teary

Walk with my friend in shop see

Walk with my friend in shop see this beautiful wedge ehel shoes that glitter with red ruby's and black diamonds and i buy the shoes and wear it

The Dream appeard to take place in

The Dream appeard to take place in our family home...Everyone seemd to enter from the front door and through the den into the family and Kitchen area..My (Passed June 2010) father entered carrying a plate with foil over it as he would if he were going to someones house for a get together brining food we acknolowedged each other hugged and shook hands.. he continured to move about ...My Uncle Tom (passed away in the May 1985) walked through and around the room looked over at me acknowledged me noddeed his head smiled and moved on... my Uncle Rich (Passed Aug 2012) walked through the room looked at me seemd to be a little angry at me but smirked and nodded his head....then My Mother came (Passed 2/18/99) She was wearing a Scotch Print Wool Skirt and jacket, I remember this suit on her when I was young maybe in the early 1970's... I saw her I hugged her and I begain to cry ..and say "I just Didn't Know ..I just didn't Know"...I was then confronted with a girl I knew as a child she was my sisters age he name was Michelle Blakney and I really never had more than a passign Hello relations hip with her as she was much older and I was her younger sistes age...She approached me and told me things would be fine and that "He is waitng at the hotel for you all to meet with him" I remember her huggin my head as I was crying...I then Woke up....I later found out that Michelle had Died last year ..I did not know that at the time. I then woke up.. I felt as if there was some place I need to go and relized where I was. The Room this all took place in seemd to be well lit not dark not scary.. I was never afraid only felt happy I could see them all...

In my dream i was married to

In my dream i was married to my ex boyfriend my first love and we went tp visit his family. His dad whispered to me he has given my husband money to spend on me tonight for our dinner at five o'clock. His father suggested i buy a beautiful red dress and high red heels preferably wedges. My husbands mom had diabetes and she did not take care of herself good. I tried to encourage her to take the best care of herself but that just seemed tp irritate her spoiled ways. Me and my husband danced all night and i looked gorgeous

After a long journey I'm driving along

After a long journey I'm driving along a deserted street. On a boulevard in the distance I see four of my staff in boxes about the size of mailboxes. I get closer to see. They are locked in. They are standing in these boxes with hands tied. They see my and start begging to be let out. I'm very hesitant because I'm afraid of what they'll do when let out. I cautiously approach. Circle the boxes, talking to them to understand what they'll do if they're let out. I start unlocking the boxes. The last box is a Spanish man who has a temper. As soon as I let him loose he comes after me. He chases me. I immediately run for my car thinking this is my only chance. As I'm running I'm planning in my head how I can get into the car and lock it fast enough so that he can't get me. Now he has a knife. He's screaming. He's wild with rage. I'm out running him, but barely. I get to the car first, but my actions are very slow to close the door and lock it. No matter how I try I can't seem to move quickly. My fingers are on the lock but . My mind is racing, but my body is very slow. I don't get the car door closed in time. He wedges his arm in to force the door open. I struggle but can't stop him. He raises his hand to strike. He has an enormous machete. The sharp knife is coming towards me. He's going to kill me. I conscientiously wake myself from the dream and from sleep.

Dream 1: I was outside and it

Dream 1: I was outside and it was dark, but I could see, and there was a buffet in front of me. I had a Styrofoam takeout box and I was filling it up with piles of meat. Then I remember getting cooked pumpkin that looked like wedges and they were on sticks. No matter how much food I put in the takeout box it never broke or fell. The dream eventually faded. Dream 2: I was waiting with some people to go somewhere, not sure where, and we were waiting outside a white van. When it was apparently time to leave, I got in the front seat and I was supposed to sit on a metal plate looking platform, but there was grease and oil coming from somewhere and no matter how much I wiped it away it always came back in the spot. I eventually sat in the spot and the dream ended. Dream 3: The only thing I recall from this particular dream was being in a white jeep without the cover and driving over lava and laughing, trying to take someone I knew home. The person was not identified. Dream 4: This dream took place in the back right corner and second story of a house that had a wraparound hallway from the right wall to the back wall, ending with a door. There were two windows, one on the back wall and one on the right wall. I was standing in the hallway and I look outside on the ground outside of the right window and I see an old flip phone, and for some reason I thought, “Hmm, that’s a good phone,” even though it was not. Then I traveled to the back wall window and looked out and there was a huge pool in the back yard that was maybe twice the size of an Olympic pool. There was a dull forest behind the pool that had dull leafless trees. The next thing I know, I look to the back left of the pool, and there is a blonde girl running and screaming towards me and there is a man chasing her. She runs down the left side of the pool and around the front to the right wall window, and I leaned out of the second story of the house and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside. The dream fades into reality as I awaken. Dream 5: This dream took place in a surgical room. It was dim and I was lying on the surgery table. My stepmom comes in the room and hands me a frozen red drink. I lay back down on the table and then they told me that my ear had bled. I sat up and and checked the table; there was blood on the table. I then sat up and asked my dad if he was leaving. He replied with a yes; the dream ends. Dream 6: In this dream I was riding out on the back of a bike. It was a crotch rocket to be more specific; not a motorcycle. I then picked up my brother and I turn and see a man pointing a gun at a line of cars. He takes the two bikes from the side of the road and takes them to the parking lot and sees a manager at my work and a guy smoking. Dream 7: At home I have a friend whose mom owns a bunch of property, and so in this dream there was a particular building called the Majestic House that we always went to. In this dream, we were all standing around on the inside of the Majestic House. It did not look like the regular Majestic House; there was more glass than usual. I remember looking outside and seeing my Durango parked on the side of the Majestic house. Next thing we knew we were outside and standing by my car. There were a couple of black people walking and talking down the road and we kind of shrugged them off and did not pay them any attention. We went back inside the Majestic House and talked with my friend’s mom for a little while, until I looked out and saw that every window on my vehicle was smashed. I was distraught. Thinking it could not get worse, I left it alone. Then I realized that my Zune, my music player, was probably gone. Turns out, it was, after I checked through the broken windows of my car. I gave up and went back inside and walked to the back of the Majestic House, except in this particular alternate Majestic House, the kitchen was right after the common room, and then there was the front room, as if it was a house. I walked through the kitchen, past my friend’s mom and my friend, and went to the front room to play some Black Ops. Miraculously that was what was in the console. Eventually I suppose I got bored and I walked back through the room I was in to the kitchen where everyone was. I had just passed the threshold when I looked to the left and saw two men dressed in black pointing guns at me through the window. I quickly backed up and stood for a moment. Then I walked through the doorway again, but I was not being shot at. I kept walking and as I approached the windows to view my Durango, I saw something completely impossible. My Durango was upside down, all the windows smashed in. Then my dream fades and I end up in the woods by a road. It was me and a few friends that I did not recognize in the dark by some random road in the woods; we had lawn chairs. When I realized that there were many cars coming by, we all went into the log cabin. I did not realize how big the cabin really was. The girls went into my friend’s room and we all sat and talked. I escaped and I ended up in the top of the log cabin, looking out of the top. The top of the log cabin was pure glass, and you could see the tops of trees. In the backyard there was a huge lake that reflected the grandeur of the cabin. Then the dream fades as the sun comes up over the horizon of the dream.

Had no shoes on, and was going

Had no shoes on, and was going to meet my mom. Then went into the store in the bus terminal, the room was pale pink, the door was dark green, to find shoes. I kept covering my feet with the bottom of my pants because I was embarrassed to have no shoes on. Went in to find shoes, going through there were high heel shoes mostly, the ones I remember most were these green wedges. The shoes were all old, worn out. Didn't find any shoes because none of them fit or they were too expensive.