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I'm a 17 year old girl who

I'm a 17 year old girl who is not living with my parents and dreamt of my parents getting into a car crash . My father was the driver and my mother was in the front passenger seat and my 7 year old baby brother was on the back seat . I was not in the car . My foster mother tells me later that day what happened after I got home from school and we immediately rushed to the hospital . The doctor told me that my father died on the scene and my mother died on the way to the hospital and my 7 year old baby brother is in a coma. The doctor thrn told me that they need to put my brother in a child welfare system and that I can not take him because I'm not 18 yet. I kept shouting at the doctors that they can not take my baby brother away from me. Then I turned to my foster mother with tears in my eyes and said "please help him"

I am in a room and just

I am in a room and just had a baby and the man I supposedly had the baby with approached me and began to have sex with me and as his face approached he said I could trust him. I said I hope so. He extended his hand out to hold the baby that was unsafely on a table so the baby wouldn't fall and then went in to kiss me. I was appalled that he was more concerned with sex than the welfare of the baby. I also was taken aback when he went to kiss me his faced formed into part donkey. I thought to myself how much I regretted this because I knew I had settled and should be with the man I love, Paul.