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I know when someone is dying. I

I know when someone is dying. I saw a man who I know but can't ask him why I see him in my dream and next day someone is dead. What is happening?

Guy dressed in all red grabs me

Guy dressed in all red grabs me from behind and stabs my leg with a syringe full of a medicine that makes me paralyzed. I'm not alone but no one seems to notice what is happening and I can't see the guys face

I think im safe and that you

I think im safe and that you dont want to admit anything or dont want anyone to know. I waited because ive done lots of stupid things and i know this wont be possible to blame me, blame for what? I dont try to see what is happening cause ignorance is better now. I know enough and its not up to me

I had a dream that I Haley

I had a dream that I Haley had come back for the summer, and the two of us went to the park that we have always gone to, to play volleyball. However, this time when we went to the park, Haley had been bitten by a rattle snake. When I saw this happen, I got the snake off of her leg, and carried her to a safer place. After that, I asked for her phone to call 911 and she handed it to me. I took the phone, slid the button to the right as you do on a iPhone, and she had a password. So I asked her for her password, and she said "Jozef is my true love." I typed it in the phone and it became unlocked. I dialed 911 and told them what just happened to her. When the call was over, I picked her up and carried her all the ways to the road, so that when the ambulance was there, we would be ready. They soon arrived, and in the ambulance we went. On our way to the hospital, I called my parents, and her's too to tell them what is happening. When we reached the hospital, they took her right to the emergency room and I came too. In the room, they began to get her ready so that they could clear out the bite. They said that she would have to take off her jeans, so that they could see the bite better. This is when I got up and headed for the door. But before I could exit, Haley stopped me and said that she wanted to stay no matter what and hold her hand. This made me really happy and made feel special.

I'm looking at a white owl flapping

I'm looking at a white owl flapping it's wings and hovering high in the sky. The white owl and I are making eye contact. There is a big tree between me and the white owl and there is a hawk sitting on one of it's branches. The hawk is looking at me, look at the white owl, because my eyes are staring at something in the sky above him. The hawk turns his head, looks back, and see's the white owl flapping his wings, hovering in the blue sky. I have a feeling of panic and anxiety. The hawk leaves the tree, flys up to the white owl to attack, kill, and eat him, but the white owl fly's off. The hawk chases him, and bites his foot off. I am running towards the fighting birds in flight. I see what is happening and I am trying to save the white owl from the hawk. I feel scared and powerless in the dream. After a short time the white owl gets away and is on the ground next to me. I am mending the white owls foot.The owl is going to be okay because I am there to protect him from the hawk. I feel responsible for the white owl, and I care for it deeply.

Last night my dreams are too strange.

Last night my dreams are too strange. I was on somewhere house then I go to future where there are all devices all people living on devices even building are all have their big screen TV to advertise. then I come back to where I am, some one reporting about 2014 new year coming, like a countdown timer starts at 1 minute but when timer goes down to zero it's refreshes to 1 minute again the reporter was wrong it's only 11 : 59 p.m. then when it goes to zero again there's a rapture black out of every devices and the people besides me are gone the only person left is my childhood cousin we knew that Jesus was coming and on our blood line we are the only left, and I the whole world was about half of them gone all people want to have their own security for the coming something like darkness, riot, abomination or judgement and I pray but I think Jesus didn't hear me, but I am curious why am I left on my family blood line I have strong trust to Jesus what is happening I thought John 3:16 was true that who ever believe so I feel like condemned. there we are on the some place we hide on small house just a one room and we see different wild animals they look scary and frightening but we knew that those are new animals. I say we have to solve this so we came and one of new animals or beast dash forward to us but those new animals was too kind on me even the new big snakes but the old animals like pigs are not but they were kind on my cousin. we are actually like opposite when she want too touch the new animal, they're face was too angry, also when I want to touch the old once they we're about to bite me. then the mission was gone I was on a big door like a place and we (my cousin) heard people rejoicing and when we reach there is my cousins and parents , sister , brother church mate they congratulate me that I over come the situation but I cried with out tears and cried. until I am awake crying. but no tears.

This dream takes place with real childhood

This dream takes place with real childhood friend. my parents are out of town. we are about 11 years old. my friend comes over to my house late nite we talked about doing this when came inside. We go to my room one at time my friend goes first he takes off all his clothes comes down steps covering himself with his hands I can see he has erection he comes over to sofa sits down watches television while I go upstairs take my clothes off we were both scared doing this but we did it any way. I come down steps I start to cover myself I get erection I get brave and walk uncovered I come down sit on sofa we both cover ourselves with our hands and watch television after several minutes we take our hands away sit uncovered we are both very excited over what is happening .We stand up look at each other naked we become fixed on each others bellybuttons and erections we start touch each other. after we are done we go down basement and play billiards naked. we run upstairs to my room to get to our clothes.

I went in for a check-up at

I went in for a check-up at the Hospital. It was my mom, my baby sister, and my older sister in the room with me. The nurse comes in and starts to do the normal procedures done at a check-up. Then she measures my blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer and makes a face as if something is off. So then she hooks me up to a different type of sphygmomanometer, the one used for pregnant ladies. She freaks out and pushes me back on the bed and picks up her intercom phone and calls all the Cardiovascular surgeons to the room immedeately. But I am in no pain what so ever. Doctors come rushing in and before i can even process what is happening, i'm rushed to the surgery room. My mom and sisters don't know what is going on either. Then they send my sisters and i to a room that we would be staying in for a few days. The weird thing is, it looks exactly like the inside of our house. except the only lights on are the ones from the television. My older sister is just on the cuch watching Tv, and i have my baby sister in my arms while i walk around searching for my mom. i figure she is with the doctors discussing what is going on. I decide just to go into any room that had light, the rest of the hospital was dark. So everytime I went through a door there was always some other door with light in it. I kept following them, when finally i reach a door that I can hear voices from. I crack the door open just enough to where I can sneak a peak of what is going on. I overhear the Doctors discussing wth my mom that I will need a heart transplant. Then they show her the heart. It's purple and it is glowing, then i see her carrying it in her bare hand while it beats. I think to myself, "Oh alright.", it didn't phase me at all. Then i go back to the room with my sister. All of a sudden my best friend Cheyenne is there on her iPod watching Tv with my sister. It feels like a normal day. Then my little sister just isn't there anymore neither is Cheyenne. I walk to my room, lay on my bed, and start to text all my friends saying that if i die i love them. After i send the message, i pace back and forth in the hallway, anxious for my mom to come back. I ask my older sister where she is and she doesn't know. I assume she is still with the doctors, but it's been a while. Then My mom walks in, i can hear the sound of her heels and her car keys. I ask where she was and she said she was picking up people frome my friend Tatianna's house. Then i was confused and mad at the same time, so i said, "Are you serious?". With a hurt feeling in my chest. Then she said that the world didn't revolve around me and that she had other things to get done. I Started Sobbing and said, "Well I just thought i neded you, since apparently i need a heart transplant." then i woke up crying, right next to my mom.

I dreamt of two sages sitting in

I dreamt of two sages sitting in flowing river and offering prayer to LORD SHIVA with flowers. When I went close to them to see what is happening they suddenly looked at me and continued their prayers