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My friend Rebbeca is walking in her

My friend Rebbeca is walking in her mansion and showing me everything they have. I then grab Rebbeca and yell “I know you’re a DEALER!”. They then proceed to show me all of their things and their pet tiger walks out of its room and stares at me. After a couple of minutes, the tiger retreats into its room and disappears from the dream. After the tour of all of their stuff is over they whip around and yell “I only sell Cocaine. It”s not that bad”. After this, it starts to snow.

a clothing store with extravagant clothing. there

a clothing store with extravagant clothing. there with an old acquaintance, who's fashion i've always admired. she finds a nice pleated beige skirt, one of which ive longed for- and swore she already had one like it, and claims it will be suitable for traveling, i am a bit jealous. i continue up the stairs, deviating from the rest of the group, the establishment much like i a funhouse, a green staircase, red, burgundy... i find my acquaintance once more, shopping around, and i curiously follow, she whips out a hair dryer in which looks like a gun, i am amazed and suddenly find myself on the couch, making out with and touching get intimately, she puts the hair dyer fun in my mouth and the hot air burns and chaps my lips, she exclaims something about dirt, and suddenly i realize that behind a door at a large group of paparazzi, who have been unbeknownst to be filming our steamy rendezvous, we both quickly recoil and sprint away abashedly, guiltily.. as they scream we're LIVE!! this is LIVE footage!! i cringe with disgust, hoping this won't be plastered all over the internet in the next coming hours.. i travel back down the stairs to find a midway red staircase, which is disjointed from the rest of the stairs, as if it appeared magically.

Four o'clock comes. Leaving me in dry

Four o'clock comes. Leaving me in dry sweats accompanied by uneasy breathing. I find myself searching the room as if this man were still in my presence. The strong, yet easy echo of his words still ringing in my ears. Disoriented I lay there unwilling to move, welcoming the cool breeze of the fan as it caresses my face. "Come with me, I'll show you the way" I couldn’t see his face, but there was a hint of a smile to his voice. His hand extended towards mine. As I lay sprawled on the floor with no clear memory of how I had gotten there. I was beaten, and I was afraid. Cautiously I looked for him, but still only found his hands - "But, I cant see you." I stated. "You don’t need to, just trust me." He replied. Our hands meet with some confusion, but he draws me towards him with impressive strength. This is where i wake up. My blood rushing from adrenaline, it was comfortable, and dangerous in one. For when gentle sins meet one another, worlds collide. when he starts speaking is where my dream starts, the part I remember anyway. And the last sentence I swear that I heard his same melodic voice whiper it to me after I had already woken. Also, it might help you know that I lucid dream, most of the time unwilling,