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I am in my house, doing normal

I am in my house, doing normal things and I keep hearing booms. I go outside at the last big boom and I see all my neighbors homes are destroyed and they're dead - the houses are in the ground - not even visible - it's like the earth has compacted them. My family and i have to leave very quickly with only our pajama's on. We get out but our house is destroyed. Then we're at a friends house who lives high on a bluff over a river. We hear another big boom and look at the river and it has a whirlpool in it that's getting bigger. My husband says we have to go and on the way out we see friends we haven't seen in decades outside looking for their dog - wasting time when we should be evacuating. I wake up and realize I need to make bug out backpacks for our family with all the necessities in it.

A water dam that is very thin

A water dam that is very thin on which i walk, waterfall and green fields,whirlpool and I fall down

My brother and I were on a

My brother and I were on a ship heading for a whirlpool. I threw him off the ship and onto a platform, but he fell hard and seemed to be injured. Instead he grew and offered me a hand to safety.

Alright, so for some reason... Me and

Alright, so for some reason... Me and a bunch of people were in Saturday school. And it was interesting because we went through the school day like any other normal day. Anyway, so the first thing I remember is leaving 1st hour and seeing Camden and Abbey walk in together. Then, I was suddenly in 2nd hour and we were playing with boats and I got all wet... So the scene switched or whatever and suddenly I'm upstairs, rushing to third hour, trying to get downstairs even though my 2nd hour is downstairs and my first hour is upstairs. So, me and like 4 other people rushing downstairs and everytime someome dropped something (which seemed to be a lot), we all went into like this lunging formation. Then, we start to hear footsteps and this girl is just like: "It's comimg from the right side of the staircase, that means she likes math." So, the girl goes by and the she's like going up the stairs with crutches and somehow not failing or falling. After that, we finally make it to the lunch room and all the tables are packed together really tight. And I'm standing next to Jacob and Kyra is across from him and she whispers something to me and I call her an impatient bitch and she all looks taken back, so I say sorry xD. Anyway, so I sit next to Jacob and I ask everyone why they're here and Jacob says he got a D in Science and I think I said I got a D in English. So, I go to ask Kyra and I'm all like, "Where's Kyra?" when I'm staring straight at her. Camden then randomly screams out, "CODY PUT LEMOMADE IN YOUR TEA, KYRA." So Kyra stands up and starts screaming, "WHIRLPOOL. WHIRLPOOL." and nobody looks so she slowly sits down..

Sitting on edge of water with feet

Sitting on edge of water with feet in. Whirlpool appeared out of no where started to pull me in. After struggling was finally able to pull free