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I had a dream once where it

I had a dream once where it was me and my family were on a vacation in the florida keys, a place where i use to visit as a young girl with my family. I was sitting in a cotton hammock strung under two huge palm trees, while my husband was on a similar one to my right , soft tiki music played in the background.The sand beneath my hammock was as white as snow and beautiful light brown and tan sea shells covered the ground. From where I was sitting I could look out and see my girls ( Autumn ,Blair and Casey) running around in the light blue green water splashing and laughing and just not giving a care in the world.

I had this dream last night that

I had this dream last night that has been sitting on my mind. I dreamt of Jesus. Could you help me in telling me what you think it means? It was like a war was going on and this very tired man called out to Jesus for relief. He asked Jesus to take him home. Suddenly Jesus appeared and touched the man. I think Jesus said, "Today you will be with me." Then the man died. Jesus then came over to another lady and me and i looked deep in his face. His clothes were white as snow and his eyes were like lightning flashing in them. they had no colour, just bright and flashing. I held out my hand and he touched me. I remember being thrown in a convulsion and it seemed i died too. I had in my head. "Lord i didnt want to die, i just wanted to touch you, i just wanted a blessing" I remember floating up until i crossed over and was looking down on what appeared to be a huge wooden old fence and i was in a different place. All the time floating, i was praising God and speaking in tongues and shouting hallelujah. when i got to the other place so many people were there waiting, I am not sure for what, but it seems as if they were going some place else. I woke up singing a song, i dont remember it now.