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Two light brown moths appear before me

Two light brown moths appear before me crawling around. A spider appears then crawls away to hide. One brown moth is hurt not sure from what but recovers. A white moth appears before me with a dark colour like a thin line going around its wings it is curled up then it unfolds. The brown and white moths crawl around confront of me and the spider who check is a dark silver keeps popping out then hides again

There was a young boy who was

There was a young boy who was black and his family was also black. It seemed like he was for some reason embarassed for being black. The young boy ran out of his house and ran to this vehicle where a white mother came out welcoming him. He went with that family. It seemed like he wanted to be white. Idk it was weird tho.

I was in my house and a

I was in my house and a big completely white moth about the size of my hands kept chasing me and i kept running around then it landed on my shoulder the next minute im lying in bed next to my boyfriend and i see him lying there but i also see his spirit leave his body stand up next to the bed turn around then it disappeared