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I was in a land climbed down

I was in a land climbed down some stairs that was like a windmill into a room and saw Katie who was ma mums granddaughter who lives in Australia and when a saw her a was so happy for her to be with me in which i saw her playing a game and played with her, it was the end so i said i have to go now couldn't let them see me so i went climbing back up slowly because i wanted in ways for them to see me and to know that it is me but as much as i wanted them to i couldn't let them aniway my Auntie Tracey followed me and a friend which i don't know who it was who followed her, she find me but didn't realise it was me and then i started to shout to loud and she said don't shout to load or some people will come, as if i was a burgular aand people came because they were very protective of them, 'the gaskells' who are new comers. So i started running, a was a slow runner so i wasn't fast enough and i gt hit by tennis balls and one really hurt. They ignored me more and more as much as i shouted they ignored/didn't here me then aniway i shouted to the top of my voice and they understood what i was saying. i was wearing my duffle coat which i wore at college vertally all the time.