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My ex is trying to kill me

My ex is trying to kill me & current bf with a rifle seeing us walking home from work. he starts chasing us while trying to kill us. He shoots bf first. I yell out to get down, ex missed shot to bf head by an inch as result. Ex shoots & hits me while I call for help. laying on ground, police car speeding towards me and bf jumps out, start to run toward me. That’s when I woke up. Bf in dream is only friend in life but been wondering how to tell when to advance too relationship stage, and also nervous to do so after multiple very abusive relationships(couple were life threatening)

I was in an unknown place where

I was in an unknown place where to there were bushes to the corner and infront of me was an open space . The bushes were rattling. I had a long stick in my hand which I used to tap infront of the bushes and from there a really long black thin shiny snake swirled out . It came out into the open space and swirled there for a while then it sped up and jumped towards me . And i woke up screaming

I was in my old primary school

I was in my old primary school and surprisingly it wasn’t a primary school anymore. I saw alot of grown people in there and I saw someone I didn’t expect to see. I saw someone i use to like alot. Then i tried hugging him but he acted so agressive towards me. Zach would hit me and scrape me until i was bleeding. Its not like him to do these things but he did. On the final hit i blacked out. I woke up to a nurse saying congratulations on having a baby girl. There were no scratches or hit marks on me. Zach stood there in many emotions but mainly shocked and happy. i had another dream a few days later that the baby was now a toddler. her name is daniqua in the dream. except the weird thing was i didnt see zach.

I was in a place which was

I was in a place which was extremely cold.but however,i was feeling somewhat hot. I went with my friends. There was a vr game. In that game i was in a hotel and a lady was sitting beside me. Suddenly,she wanted to drink my blood. But I fought against her and she started looking like a tiger. Then I removed my vr and went to bed to take a nap. But when I woke up,i saw a tiger toy in my actual dream.

Ronald Mcondald was outside walking, and then

Ronald Mcondald was outside walking, and then cracked his head at me. I was looking through my bedroom window, and then got teleported outside.I could feel the ground and the wind, and the clown started chasing me. It felt so real, and then I was teleported back into my bedroom. I didn’t move, nor breathe, but I could hear breathing behind me. I turned to see the clown, smiling at me. He looked at me as some creepy music started playing, and his eyes went from normal to white, and then pushes me underneath my bed. It all got silent. It started again, only this time I heard footsteps, and then the clown out one hand down, then the next, and cracked his head toward me.” Try again buddy.” Then it felt it I fell, and woke up screaming. This has happened for 2 nights, the exact same thing.

I dreamed about me and a bunch

I dreamed about me and a bunch of other random people going on a hike it was all fun but when we came back that is when it started to get scary because i swear i saw Jeff the killer in a room but he somehow turned into a shadow and disappeared out of thin air i tried telling the others in the house but they thought i was going crazy but i knew what i saw and so when the guy went in his bed siting up i tried warning him but i was to late Jeff the killer was already behind him and stabbed him with a knife ran away and that is when i woke up

I dreamed that there was this war

I dreamed that there was this war happening and that I was much more involved than I am in the war now In class we would have drills pertaining to the war. It was really scary. So all the freshmen and sophomores went on this trip and Sue and I were left behind. So when the trip returned everyone sought to create everyone's worst nightmare. All these people were chasing me and trying to shoot me, which I guess is my worst nightmare. I ran into my house, which was like the Order of the Phoenix in Harry Potter. Mr. Bailey was there with a palette of nail polish, trying to communicate some code to me. But I couldn't figure it out. So then I escaped to a kind of vineyard where Sue's worst fear was being realized. Her worst fear was that everyone had found out some secret about her. So there were all these freshmen and sophomores tormenting her in the trees of the vineyard, saying things like, "We know, Sue..." and then I remember one of them saying "We know about Abbylius," (I just made that name up in my dream) and then I woke up.

Nanaginip po ako na my isang lalaki

Nanaginip po ako na my isang lalaki na boyfriend ko daw xa then his going with my house at ngtatago lng sa room ko, in my dream i knew this guy then my husband saw him because he go outside and my husband ask me who is that man then sagot ko bahala yan xa then the man walk away with tears after that i woke up at oniisip ko sino ung man but i cant recognize him anymore.

I was driving along a narrow road,

I was driving along a narrow road, it was quiet. It was dark. My lights were on. Suddenly a car appeared and hit me head on. The bang was so loud I woke up terrified

I have reoccurring dreams about lion and

I have reoccurring dreams about lion and I always hate how it ends. This morning, I had a dream that a lion was roaming free outside my gate, and at the same time I was preparing for a trip with my sister and 2 others. We were done and ready to go, I went close to the gate to access how we’d make it out without the lion attacking and I suddenly heard someone behind the gates, urging me to make sure I leave my current location and never look back. We had a plan, my sister will open the gate, I drive out and she locks the gate before joining us in the car (as fast as possible) When she opened the gate, I freaked out and urged her with fear to close the gate immediately. The gate was still open, as it was too heavy for only her to close and I woke up. This is not the first time I’m either running from a lion that seem friendly to others, but myself or just being scared entirely seeing one in my dream. Please I need interpretation, this is really bothering me.