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Last night I had a dream that

Last night I had a dream that it was an end of the world situations (I have those almost every night) and there are barbaric men who chase me and my family so we build a shelter in a truck and were constantly driving from city to city just to be chased out by bad guys trying to kill us. I usually can't talk either my words are wrong or it feels like there something blocking my mouth/throat. Also last night my dead grandfather was in my dead (this has never happened) I always wake up panicked and anxious and I'm really curious to know what's going on! It's been months and I can't figure out why I keep having these dreams sometimes when I'm chased its also animals or zombies too.

I'm sitting at work drawing a picture

I'm sitting at work drawing a picture when my boyfriend who is overseas calls I can not hear the conversation but I feel very happy. While on the phone he walks up behind me and pics me up by surprise because he is not supposed to be here we are both so happy. He gives me a kiss and a hug but no words are needed. He hands me a package , it is a beautiful black sketch book. From there he takes my hands and holds them looks into my eyes and tells me something but I can not hear any words me or him are saying. Both of us are smiling so big and look at each other lovingly. He points at my stuff and I pick it up he grabs my left hand and we leave my work together still with nothing audibly heard.