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Gleason, 42, was born in Lowell, Mass.,

Gleason, 42, was born in Lowell, Mass., a proud Yankee who still signs his letters "Bobby from Boston." After going to art school in North Carolina, Gleason became an award-winning tattoo artist in shops up and down the East Coast. He settled down for a while outside of Richmond, owned a tattoo shop and embraced religion. He later said he was feigning interest in religion to benefit his tattoo business. MBT Zapatos VOI

I was on my ship that I

I was on my ship that I served on in the Navy in the 1980's walking by a compartment and in the compartment I saw 4 NY Yankees from the 1970's - 3 pitchers (Ron Gidury, Goose Gossage, and Catfish Hunter) as well as another player not a pitcher but I can't recall who it was. They all had boxes of baseball memorabilia from the 70's with them. I realized that I had in essence stepped back in time that we were in present day 2012 but they were in essence in the 1970's and could not "reach" me. I also realized that their memorabilia was valuable. For whatever reason I was a real jerk to them - and I knew that there was nothing they could do about it. For example, I told Goose Gossage that he was going to have a hard time getting into the hall of fame, told Gidury that he would become a Yankees pitching coach and nothing more, and told Catfish hunter that he would die a young man of Lou Gehrig's disease. I also told them how successful Reggie Jackson had become. I was also rummaging through their memorabilia and was going to steal some of it. Through all of this they just stood there behind their memorabilia and it seemed as though they could do or say nothing. They were almost like cardboard figures. For whatever reason I decided not to take anything and began to walk out, and as I did I looked over my shoulder and made a wise ass comment, but I don't recall what it was. As I turned again to look forward I saw Joe Torre, Bucky Dent, Craig Nettles, Chris Chambliss, and other 1970's Yankees walking in, but they were not young and in their 20's but as they currently look and in their current age. I remember distinctly that Joe Torre was in front and was holding a baseball bat - he was also wearing sun glasses. It was at that point that I realized that I had not stepped back in time but we were in present day and that these Yankees were all gathering for old timer's day. No one said a word to me and I walked out past the Yankees that came in. Fear and shame swept over me because I knew that my actions would be known to the world. That's where the dream ended.