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I had a dream where in the

I had a dream where in the beginning me and my mom were shopping at a store and she was looking at yarn and charms and we heard a man a few ales away shouting at a man and a woman. The mans shouting scared me but my mom seemed unaffected but alert in case of danger. after shopping we went to a hotel and we were on our way to the room we were going to stay in when we heard a man shouting again at someone. We stopped for a short time but we kept on moving to our room. When we got to the door to our room a skinny but fit man came out of his room and he looked like the man who was yelling in the store earlier. My mother opened the door and the man walked in between us and stopped in front of me. I tried to go around him and he kept blocking my way to the door. Then all of a sudden the man grabbed me and took me around the corner to a completely empty white room. I kept yelling and kept trying to make him let me go but he wouldn't let go. I yelled for my mom and thrashed and finally escaped his hold on me. I ran to the door of my hotel room and it was closed and my mother was no where in sight. I looked back and the man was right behind me so I kept running just to get away from him. I ran down several hallways and yelled for help but no one came to help me. when I looked back again he was bigger in more muscle but less agility. I ran from one wall and ran back knowing he couldn't keep up with my agility. The dream ends with me still running up and down the hallways away from the man.

I woke up on a purple moon

I woke up on a purple moon in a purple tower. I was able to fly so I flew to another tower and saw my friend, Wish, playing with some yarn. Once she spotted me I flew away till I found this wierd dark pink bed with a heart symbol on it. Half the heart was full but the other half was empty. I layed down on the bed when Wish found me. Wish pulled out a knife and stabbed me in the heart. When I woke up and called her, she said "sorry for killing you. I needed to do it."

I dreamed someone that I like came

I dreamed someone that I like came to me and had long hair and Curl made with yellow yarn. He came to me and said : Look what happened with my hair some do not worry I said that I would fix. I took his head and washed. Then I took his hand and I saw two rings on the ring finger. He was engaged, but now is single. And I asked him what`s those? : It is not important for me. I saw the ring that it looked like gold but was wooden. I said you it`s not important for me. Later on in the back and kept walking with me in the back.