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I appeared in the middle of a

I appeared in the middle of a foggy barren road I could here muffled sounds that I didn't really remember much, suddenly I felt as if I was waking up in real life, I opened my eyes and saw a looming hunch back figure in dark tattered clothing I cut back to the foggy road and this time I was running, many of the same hunch back figures were running close behind me, tripping over one another as if they were competing to get to me. The sounds were horrible like thousands of individual people suffering, yearning to get me or something missing from them. I woke up and felt as If I had been running for ages and I felt very drained and hungry I went to eat and I heard two large thumps upstairs.

I was yearning to talk to my

I was yearning to talk to my ex-lover. The weather was bad. I was having problems talking to him. Ate the end I finally managed to talk to him. And i was happy.

To see an old family friend and

To see an old family friend and yearn to have sex with her. talking to her in a house. we talk about fairly normal stuff. she asks me what i really want. holds out her hand. and i tell her i want to have sex with her. the dream stops before i get the chance