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I had a dream about two miniature

I had a dream about two miniature dobermans walking on a path by a field of yellow flowers towards a stone church with three doors.

I am in a church and the

I am in a church and the catholic priest dressed in white sprinkles blessed water on everyone. When he reaches me he pours on me all the remaining water. Then sprinkles again the second time and I do the sign of the cross. The lady in green sits beside me but I stand.Then comes back to the altar to give the final blessing. Then I carry blessed water with a small plastic bottle. Later, it's the Eucharistic adoration people mentioning baby Jesus, like remembering his life as a child. One lady in green sits looking the opposite side and head bowed and scratching her head. In real life this lady is fighting a chronic disease. I and her are in a black car, and it's moving aimlessly, I check and see she is stepping on the brakes/ crutch and I take over the rear. I am in the highway driving. And I pack it beside the road. I am all alone now. I pass by a very smart house on foot and a lady in white gives me what looks like a card.(The size of a smart card. Now I am coming out of a house and am peeling a yellow ripe banana, although I do not see myself eating.and a purple cabbage on my right hand. Am going to look where I packed the car. I see my mum along the way. I wake up still asking if I packed it very far from the church we received the blessing and am actually not concerned that I can no longer find it

My nephew was with me and my

My nephew was with me and my first born boy child where by we witness my neighbors killing someone, we tried to escape but I was unable to help my son and nephew and I went home by the time I was at home by the door I saw my nephew being shot at 2 times an by the time my son was about to get shot I called him and he came as a spirit telling me it's too late the I was crying trying to grab him and I couldn't as he was heading straight to the house where he was killed, so by the time I was going back home I saw a small van 1400 with a colour white, green and blue heading to my place as if it was driven by a woman that I know by the time I get inside the house I was crying as loud as I can but seems like nobody was paying attention at all... So I went straight to my bedroom where I saw a linen of clothes and there was an overall with blue, yellow and orange colour on it, and it looked like I knew the owner of it so I came to the kitchen where I saw my son in a zinc bath with a smoke like he was burning and his arms were shrinking Please respond

Weird face one with a green eye

Weird face one with a green eye and the other with a yellow one every time i see it i become sleep deprived and my ears start ringing

Dreamt I had a son named Carson

Dreamt I had a son named Carson ( I don’t have a son named. Arson only in this dream. Blonde blue eyes 9/10 years old 5ft was in a plane to see if he got off ok for his flight then went missing then he was a few rows down with a man in a airforce uniform then man wearing glasses not old but not young says to me Carson is his son I took him away from the man and went to the back of the aircraft to talk to cabin crew then the plane taxied to the runway I was freaking out how am I going to get back home.. Carson sitting in last row then two woman sitting opposite the one took magazine out the pocket of the seat and it was her on the cover wearing a yellow dress with some kinda crown

I was looking through a window in

I was looking through a window in my living room and i saw this approximately 13 year old boy who was riding a bright yellow motorcycle and he flew over the gate to my yard. i had a different dog than i do today because the dog from the dream died two years ago. he didn’t bark or atack him and i got mad at the boy for going in my yard si i called my mom. she told him to get out and he took a shoe from our garder, i don’t know how the shoe got there. she didn’t do anything rude except tell him to get out and that frustrated me in the dream so i did. i grabbed him for the back of his shirt put him on his motorcycle and tossed him over the gate, i had super strength i don’t know how, and when he fell on the ground he started crying and i felt guilty. then he said to my mother “yes i agree with you. god is important, because these two (apparently my sister and i) weren’t taught at school” i don’t know how that makes sence. i felt strong regret at the end of the dream.

I was in a very crowded party

I was in a very crowded party with old friends and family having a couple drinks. Then i saw a rich friend who betrayed me in an expensive car carrying home his cousin. I walk outside to confront him while he was driving and i pointed to my head indicating a gun to his head. Instead he pointed a gun at me. His father was at this gathering so i decided to get a drink before i tell his father. On my way to meet his father the side parth with grass was collapsing while walking on it so i walked in the road then headed up a very small hill next to the bulding about less that 100 feet. There was a lot of people there aswell. Before i could find his father people where saying the king went under when the ground was collapsing and that he is dead. Then out of the collapsed rubble thats was about 25 feet down his head roled out and was speaking. The crowd gather at the top around the collapse area to watch. The king was speaking something but i didn't understand what he was saying. Then out of the collapse area where the king head was there was a crack. Out of that dark crack a hand covered in black silk cloth came out next to the kings head and moved around its fingers with yellow nails. Out of nowhere a shriveled body with a foot cut out was expunged from the black cloth. Then some unknown prays was being said loudly by the king fusing both the kings head and the shriveled body together. I understood the words being said in the prays but not the language. The body fused together like molten metal with no heat all while the kings head and the shriveled body chanted. The only thing i understood in the chant was at the end the fuse body said jai shree Krishna.