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My dog attacked a yellow bird and

My dog attacked a yellow bird and bit its wings off. I decided to rescue it. At first, I was afraid I had killed it, but I put some water on its head and I healed it. My mother was really praising me, saying things like " no one is as kind as you". The feeling in the dream was somewhat afraid that I would have to let the bird go once it was better, but mostly a sense of accomplishment, joy, and relief in having saved the bird.

I spent the first half of my

I spent the first half of my dream organizing my room, which was split into two, my tv in the first half and a mirror/dresser in the second half against the far wall and my bed split between the two rooms so I could still see both tv and mirror. I spent what felt like hours in this dream organizing small items into a variety of spaces and confines within my room (which was red like my current room). Then I went to join my sister, her friend, and my friend as they had been drinking/partying during this time in what is my backyard in the dream. It was set up like a courtyard or a opening in the wood with just the tops of houses in the distance. They were busy setting up the area so my sisters friend could release her yellow bird from its cage, which looked like a goldfinch. When she released her goldfinch I was the first to see the eyes and outline of what turned out the be a lynx which traipsed in and snagged the goldfinch in his/her mouth and ran off into the wood, to return moments later when the lynx went to bite/snag my dog in his/her mouth as well, I then stepped on the lynx and captured it in a plastic bag where it continually clawed at my arms for hours as everyone insisted I release the lynx. My aunt and I insisted on bringing the lynx to the vet to discuss possibilities of releasing it in another area or euthanizing it (which is not a usual waking thought of mine). She gave me a wallet which was almost the size of a suitcase and i began sewing up the suitcase so the lynx could no longer scratch up my arms. We arrived at the vet parking lot where I knew the lynx had somehow released the goldfinch because I could hear it singing.

I had a dream the other night

I had a dream the other night where I was riding in a car driving down a suburban neighborhood street and every one was trick-or-treating like it was Halloween but it was Valentines day. There were Valentines day decorations on most of the home's doors and there were people dressed in cupid-like outfits and walking like zombies. As I traveled down the street I started to witness riots where people dressed in black were beating the zombies dressed in Valentines Day-like outfits yelling things like "God doesn't approve". After that I went home and was immediately scared because people were trying to break into my house. It was three people 1 woman and 2 men they were banging on my door like they weren't going to stop until they broke the door down. I ran to the back of my house and was able to relax like I had some time to spare, I started to pack. Then I walked down my hallway into a room where there was a large bird cage, in the cage there was a red bird, an orange bird, a green bird, and a yellow bird. The red and orange bird were just "normal" small birds, but the green bird was awkward looking with a long neck and made of beads. The yellow bird had the design of a peacock and was unfriendly. Even though I don't have birds in real life I felt like I needed to save these birds, I had a love for them. In the dream I needed to transfer each one into a smaller cage so that I could leave my house (that was being invaded by the people trying to break in). The first bird I got was the red one, which in the dream was my favorite. I then got the orange one, which didn't have much meaning to me for some reason. Both the red and orange bird went into the smaller cage willingly. Then I went to get the green bird made of beads and it urinated all over me on the way to put it in the smaller cage. So I hurried and put it in the cage. In the dream I could actually feel it. I was wet, so I went to change clothes quickly. Next I went to try and retrieve the yellow peacock-designed bird and it was hiding from me and took a little while to get it out of the cage. Once I got it out it bit me on the finger, causing it to bleed so I pulled my hand away and it went back into the cage. After that I could hear the people breaking in getting closer to getting into my house so I rushed to the other room to keep packing- leaving the yellow bird. I was packing my clothes when all of the sudden in my hallway the attic door opened by itself and a clear box full of silver fell out of the attic. I interpreted it in the dream as my late Grandmother's silver. I was confused and slowly walked towards the box. I retrieved it and on my bed was now the small bird cage, my suit case, and the box of silver.