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I was walking down a long highway,

I was walking down a long highway, in a hilly part of what seemed like a desert, too my right i seen a large beautiful hill in the distance, i decided i was going to try to get to the top to enjoy the view, as i walked up the hill i became tired and weak so i sat down on a rock to catch my breath, when i looked down at my feet there where hundreds of snakes, i looked in fear as i looked i seen the body of a massive snake and as i followed it to see where its head was in fear of getting bit i had found it, the snakes face raised up and starred directly across from mine and he whispered " your mine "

I dream that me and my three

I dream that me and my three friend went for trip and where we staying their was a big banyan tree when we fast come in that house the tree was very green but after some time all the leaves are fallen we all got shocked what is happendi we don't know so we decided to leave that place because we feel creepy now suddenly i saw a baby girl she was very small and beautiful and she was trying to run so i caught her because she might get hurt sudenly her mothe came to me and she thanked to me for saving her baby and she told me to leave that place as soon as possible otherwise me and my friends will get trouble so i said to my friends that come on lets leave this place suddenly everything started to change so we try to leave fast one of my friend saw a trisul and at ground we saw something was written and that 'so poppy your mine always and forever, you can't leave me i love your mine'.