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dream symbols starts with the letter - j - page 3

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What is the meaning in a dream of dream symbols starts with the letter - j - page 3


Work on fulfillment. Frustrated or satisfied with life.

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Treasure. Essence. Precious. Revaluation of principles.

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Work on fear of intimacy. Not ready to show vulnerability. Unpleasant news. Family quarrels. To dream that you are jealous of your wife, denotes the influence of enemies and narrow-minded persons. If jealous of your sweetheart, you will seek to displace a rival. If a woman dreams that she is jealous of her husband, she will find many shocking incidents to vex and make her happiness a travesty. If a young woman is jealous of her lover, she will find that he is more favorably impressed with the charms of some other woman than herself. If men and women are jealous over common affairs, they will meet many unpleasant worries in the discharge of every-day business.

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jesus christ

Human aspect of divinity. Salvation. Healing. Good hopes ahead. Consolation.

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Connection .Joints are associated with favorable things.Happiness and domestic joy. Change for the better and plenty of money.

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Relentless anger. Willpower. You have conquered initial difficulties but you are having disagreement with lover.

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To dream of this month,signifies financial gains,a mystery will be solved and beware of a false friend nearby. To dream of this month, denotes you will be afflicted with unloved companions or children.

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To dream of July,foretells unusual gains in all undertakings. Use caution in your affairs. To dream of this month, denotes you will be depressed with gloomy outlooks, but, as suddenly, your spirits will rebound to unimagined pleasure and good fortune.

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Will have good earnings but must rely on own good judgement. Avoid rivals. To dream of June, foretells unusual gains in all undertakings. For a woman to think that vegetation is decaying, or that a drouth is devastating the land, she will have sorrow and loss which will be lasting in its effects.

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A dream of jellyfish is associated with passive aggression in you and the way you are looking to express yourself more forcefully. Don't give away your heart.

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