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What is the meaning in a dream of dream symbols starts with the letter - o - page 3

odor or smell

Our sense of smell carries much of our memories. Study what odor is present to see what memory the smell represents in your waking life. Our sense of smell carries much of our memories. Study what odor is present to see what memory the smell represents in your waking life.

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older man

The older man can be God, a god, a father, or all three. edit(astraea) : or pehaps a male authority figure or your male side of your personality. The older man can be God, a god, a father, or all three. edit(astraea) : or pehaps a male authority figure or your male side of your personality.

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one or 1

Individuality, winning, spiritual force, unity. Individuality, winning, spiritual force, unity.

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Sanctuary. Peace. Relief. Looking for a place of refuge and relaxation.

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A great expanse or amount. Vast, limitless feelings. Your feeling overwhelmed with emotions. To dream of the ocean when it is calm is propitious. The sailor will have a pleasant and profitable voyage. The business man will enjoy a season of remuneration, and the young man will revel in his sweetheart's charms. To be far out on the ocean, and hear the waves lash the ship, forebodes disaster in business life, and quarrels and stormy periods in the household. To be on shore and see the waves of the ocean foaming against each other, foretells your narrow escape from injury and the designs of enemies. To dream of seeing the ocean so shallow as to allow wading, or a view of the bottom, signifies prosperity and pleasure with a commingling of sorrow and hardships. To sail on the ocean when it is calm, is always propitious.

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Violation. Crime. Becoming displeased or resentful towards someone in your circle. To dream of being offended, denotes that errors will be detected in your conduct, which will cause you inward rage while attempting to justify yourself. To give offense, predicts for you many struggles before reaching your aims. For a young woman to give, or take offense, signifies that she will regret hasty conclusions, and disobedience to parents or guardian.

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Professional duties. Workplace. Working with or on something important for yourself. Prosperity. For a person to dream that he holds office, denotes that his aspirations will sometimes make him undertake dangerous paths, but his boldness will be rewarded with success. If he fails by any means to secure a desired office he will suffer keen disappointment in his affairs. To dream that you are turned out of office, signifies loss of valuables.

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Slippery. Shiny. Seeking for more freedom of movement. To dream of anointing with oil, foretells events in which you will be the particular moving power. Quantities of oil, prognosticates excesses in pleasurable enterprises. For a man to dream that he deals in oil, denotes unsuccessful love making, as he will expect unusual concessions. For a woman to dream that she is anointed with oil, shows that she will be open to indiscreet advances.

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Long time. Mature. Sensible. Former times. Something could be completed or ready to be replace.

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Entrance and exit. Exposed. Opportunity. Potential. Ready to make a choice.

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Drama. Music. Maybe expecting a big finale. Family disorder. To dream of attending an opera, denotes that you will be entertained by congenial friends, and find that your immediate affairs will be favorable.

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Prophecy. Wisdom. Something will become clear to you.

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sex Gratification. Pleasure. You want to receive or to give pleasure.

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Growth. Great success. Order. Dreaming of passing through leaving and blossoming orchards with your sweetheart, omens a delightful consummation of a long courtship. If the orchard is filled with ripening fruit, it denotes recompense for faithful service to those under masters, and full fruition of designs for the leaders of enterprises. Happy homes, with loyal husbands and obedient children, for wives. If you are in an orchard and see hogs eating the fallen fruit, it is a sign that you will lose property in trying to claim what are not really your own belongings. To gather the ripe fruit, is a happy omen of plenty to all classes. Orchards infested with blight, denotes a miserable existence, amid joy and wealth. To be caught in brambles, while passing through an orchard, warns you of a jealous rival, or, if married, a private but large row with your partner. If you dream of seeing a barren orchard, opportunities to rise to higher stations in life will be ignored. If you see one robbed of its verdure by seeming winter, it denotes that you have been careless of the future in the enjoyment of the present. To see a storm-swept orchard, brings an unwelcome guest, or duties.

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Unique. Exotic glamour. Looking for something different and uniquely beautiful.

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Climax. Indulgence. Consummation. You have completed the circle.

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Unrestrained indulgence. Indiscriminate union. Confuse about feelings.

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Wisdom. Tradition. Subtlety. You need to revalue some decisions. Take your time to decide.

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Need. Lack of protection. Feelings of isolation and despair. Condoling with orphans in a dream, means that the unhappy cares of others will touch your sympathies and cause you to sacrifice much personal enjoyment. If the orphans be related to you, new duties will come into your life, causing estrangement from friends ant from some person held above mere friendly liking.

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space Transcendence. Power. Timeless.S eeking for a spiritual experience.

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