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Dreaming I am naked

Dreaming that you are naked is a very common dream. It usually indicates the vulnerabilityDreaming that you are naked is a very common dream. It usually indicates the vulnerability of the dreamer. Those dreams often reveal the dreamer in an awkward situation when other people sees the dreamer naked, without any clothes on. It might be in a party or other event, it might be under known people that sees the nakedness of the dreamer. Dreams sometimes helps us to over come occasions in our own daily life, and naked dreams try to show us, how will it be when our most deepest part and emotions are exposed to all.

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Dreaming I am being chased

Dreams about being chased might indicate that the dreamer have a decision that he or she must take and they know the dead line for this decision is coming. They can not postpone the decision any more and therefor come the chase in the dream. It might be running from a lover or bandits, it might be from the parents, but the indication is something within the dreamer mind.

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Dreaming that my teeth are falling

Dreams of falling teeth are one of the most common dreams that dreamers have. One dreams might having your teeth disintegrate in your hands, fall just a light tap, looks wrong or rotten. Dreams like that are very scary, some times leaves the dreamer with a lasting image of the dream. What does this ream mean?

Some says that dreams about your teeth shows your desire about the way you look and how others sees you. Your teeth help to hold an image of the self. Such dreams may come from a fear of rejection, sexual impotence or not being young any more (getting older).

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Dreaming that i am flying

To dream that you are flying is indication of a very deep sleep. Usually before you fell a sleep you feel like the body is floating up, it happens because the nerve in your lower body part are disconnecting to prevent you from moving in your sleep. Those dreams are indicated by the dreamer to be fun and enjoying dreams. They usually show the dreamer is content with his life.

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Dreaming that i am falling

To dream that you are falling have a few separate meaning, the first one show on the nice indication you have before you fell a sleep it is a feeling similar to floating. The other meaning is much more deeper into the dreamer mind and show on the lack of control of the life of the dreamer hence he is falling without control.

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Dreaming that a gun does not works

Dreams of a not working gun are very frequent to people that works in the security agencies or army and military field. The solution for the dream is quite easy, it show that the dreamer in the d-day is actually supported by his own gun or his other team members and he or she are afraid they might fail when time comes. It tries to solve and see how the dreamer will react for it.

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Dreaming that i failed the test

Dreaming of failing a test is very common dream, it is quite similar to the one when the gun don't work as seen above. The dreamer is actually afraid of the test, afraid of what his or her parents will say, what will the friend say. Dreams are subconsciously trying to prepare us for real life. The mind is training itself. We are always afraid to fail the test, therefor the mind is trying to show us that nothing bad will actually happen.

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