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In my dream I saw that I

In my dream I saw that I was in the current job that I was working past years it was like I was with my brother and I received a phone call from my nephew he was complaining to me to say he has not been working since days now and there is nothing to eat for him so after that I encouraged him that don't worry everything will be okay then I behold seeing three people bringing their brother to some people of shrines they started saying that we want our brother to suffer we want him to be miserable we want him not to be having money and those which doctors that are doing some rituals on him and they said he'll be having headache each time he thinks so I will seems like I was going in taking that person out from that line taking outside when I do that it will looks like he is still inside and take him outside the inside take him bring him outside then the last time they said do it no more for it is done so I started seeing that man immediately wake up from that line and he became exactly like as they were saying the man became miserable was looking like a mad person and the man started feeling headache as he was thinking and he touched in his pocket there was just a thin culture which is tired apart in his started crying in the way I am a families and he thought that my family's at the funeral then he started going there and finally I went to place which looked like a an antihil and I started preparing some wood so that I may make a fire then I worked up

I had a dream of the guy

I had a dream of the guy I’m seeing telling me nothing is going to be serious between us

I dreamt last night that I was

I dreamt last night that I was at the old house I lived at with my mother and sister but I was with my very close friend laying on the bed and we were eating something but I can't recall what it was,then the dreams skips to me and another close friend of mine fighting each other with knives but we didn't hurt each other with the knives,rather he managed to scratch me with his nails and I remember trying to sooth the scratches with a cloth.In he same dream I attended a weird gathering but in this gathering I was disguising myself because it was hosted by someone that did me wrong and I couldn't afford them seeing me there,I had a whole different name also but everyone else knew who I really was except the hostess,in the end the hostess finds out who Iam and I managed to excape the venue but ran like a monkey rather,with both my legs and hands,later me and the hostess had to sign an agreement,like a divorce,to stay out of each other's lives.I honestly don't know what this confusing dream means