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In my dream, I was in a

In my dream, I was in a house that had white walls, a small white room and white pillars. I was in the small room with a man I know but do not remember who it was. There was a table there. He was seated at the table. He told me something I do not remember the words but feel it was a negative tone. I left. Then returned to get my truck keys. They were in an white plastic bin, in a white mantel with a white wall. I picked up my keys. I only had my trick key. Wondering where the the rest if them were. I was met by Howard Stern. Who was not happy with me. He told me I could get my truck from impound. In a manner that suggested he knew he could do this to me and did not care about it or how I felt about it. His face was not angry. His expression was one of blankness. I took my key and then I woke up.

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2 car doors opening in the dark

2 car doors opening in the dark a man standing outside the car wanting the keys to the car wearing black and having tattoos on his face

I have eleven brothers. At IHOP with

I have eleven brothers. At IHOP with two of them as we are leaving my brother Matthias tells me he hasn't slept for six days because its finals week and he is a double major in biochemistry and chemical engineering. I take the keys to our station wagon and then there is a guy with a gun and he wants my purse but I tell him I need to get my grandfather's diary but it's not a diary. It's my own gun and when the guy in the hood sees it he passes out and then I hear a huge thud and Matthias has had a seizure from not sleeping.

Dream my husband laying on lounge suite

Dream my husband laying on lounge suite and watch tv. The flirting women lay on matrass with under clothes. I walked in and ask her for my car keys. She looked in her handbag and cant find it. I go through my house and as I worked out I close all doors behind me.

I was in a house with my

I was in a house with my sister and there was a women and her small child in the home as well. we were trying to figure out how to get the women and child out of the home without a ex beau of mine from entering the home n stealing and or causing anyone harm. we thought we had everything in order and i walk the women n child into the garage to get in the car so they would be able to proceed w their lives as normal. from behind me i heard keys rattling, i knew it was ex beau he was coming up stairs from the basement he was rattling the keys and had a gun. i said he is here and walked away from the women n child so they would not get hurt. i am his target. he approached me gun raised ready to fire and my sister came up behind him and took the keys she also had a gun. i woke

Sister and I are on a cruise

Sister and I are on a cruise and we are in a conversation. I had a phone small and told my sister I would be back as I had to do something but never got back ado my sister left and got lost on the ship and could find her room or the keys to her room

When it started I was with I

When it started I was with I think my family, and maybe friends. We were in a bathroom or basement it was confusing, but it was dirty with quite a few doors. We were definitely hiding from bad guys, and I know they had weapons, and I think we did but I don’t remember. The bad guys broke in, and I was like “no thanks” so I somehow managed to run up the stairs behind them. Then all of a sudden I was in my car with my dad, driving on the road by my house. We were still running from the bad guys, and I asked him which way to turn. He yelled “ocean drive.” That’s for sure not a road but I turned left, like I was going to Grand Forks. In Go Karts they drive slow if there’s too much weight in them, and I distinctly remember having that feeling during this dream. We were driving on like a four lane interstate packed to the brim with traffic, and I was worried we were going to get caught because my dad was weighing the car down! I also remember telling my dad that it’d be nicer if we were on a motorcycle because then we could zip between all the other cars easier, since they’re smaller. We got to a place that was like a worship area for people who were members of ISIS, but a lot of people I talk to were there. I was almost like a journalist or undercover spy of sorts because we were trying to see what their plan was. When it got to be night I got Alyssa and told her they were going to find out so we had to go now. On our way out I stopped to talk to some other people I know and tell them we were leaving if they wanted to come with. They stayed. We got to the parking lot and I realized we didn’t have a vehicle. Alyssa had somehow snagged the keys to a very fancy, new, expensive looking white truck. We got in the truck and she said “See? This is perfect, because it can do this!” and she drove over like 8 curbs, that were steps down to the road. I remember feeling guilty and asking if this was alright. As we drove away, the owner of the truck came out of the building and was like “What the heck?!” I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to steal the truck, so I texted my mom and explained to her that we had stolen a truck but for a good reason. When we were driving someone else I know saw us and was very confused as to when we got this nice of a truck.