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My mom, my sister, and I would

My mom, my sister, and I would take a trip up to some cabin onto of a hill surrounded by forest. Us three would get settled into the cabin and then my mom would tell me to go out and grab some firewood. Every time on the way back to the cabin I would see one wolf coming up through the driveway growling at me and then all of the sudden I would be surrounded by a bunch of wolves with no way out. Then my dad comes barreling down the driveway and to the cabin to save the day. Everytime he takes my place and somehow I am able to get away from the wolves. The first time I had the dream my dad shot all of the wolves and we were safe. The second time he didn’t shoot them, but was somehow able to scare them all away. And the last time I had the dream, my dad sent my sister and I to the nearby village, but when we were finally able to get help and get back my dad was dead. I haven’t had the dream since.

I was going on a journey; to

I was going on a journey; to where I don’t know, and found myself at the airport. Just before I presented myself to the check-in desk I felt an annoying lump on the bridge my nose; slightly to the left hand side... like a plook. So I trudged off to the nearest mirror for a look, and discovered the shocking truth. This was no pimple, zit, spot or suppuration of pus that had grown like a mountain to the surface of my skin. Nor was this a teenage bout of acne waiting to be compressed between my pinched thumb and forefinger, exuding a lava that resembled the contents of a squeezy bottle of mustard. But what was it? I had to look closer..... A miniature flower had taken root and bloomed through the surface of my earthly pore. Like a daisy gently bristling in a grassy meddow, the pollen scented aroma of summer surrounded by silken petals bloomed in colour and vibrancy. I began to pick off the petals one by one only to find hidden under each an angry wasp buzzing with rage and torment, including the Queen who sat under the petal at the top of the flower pointing north at 12 o’clock. For fear of being stung I couldn’t touch anymore and had to leave any future ‘weeding’ until after my flight. As my flight landed I found myself in Windsor and a new job. I was working for another Queen, this time Elisabeth I of Scotland and II of England. My job was to help with the smooth running of the upcoming Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan. The job didn’t last and I soon found myself unemployed. Handing back in my Royal page-boy type uniform, consisting of plus fours, white tights, buckled shoes and a thrilly laced shirt, I returned to Mexico. Dejected, starving and struggling for cash I decided, upon advice from a friend, to become self-employed and was soon earning a pittance gift wrapping souvenirs purchased by tourists for their loved ones at home. It wasn’t enough though and my meagre earnings barely stretched to buying a plate of taco soup, rice and beans. But In a weird twist of fate my dream morphed into a strange success story – like the American dream I tweaked my business and moved it lock, stock and two smoking barrels to a gay nightclub. I was now offering a naked gift wrapping service and was rolling in the money.

I dreamt I was on a white

I dreamt I was on a white building’s balcony and it was raining. The sky was overcast and I was surrounded by people. We were looking at giant lizards that were on the floor below and some were sitting on trees. Then I dreamt I was eating pizza.

I dreamed I was in a auditorium

I dreamed I was in a auditorium surrounded by my peers. We were being taught how to play a few songs by a man i don't recognize. My teacher tells me to come with him. As I walk towards him a key from my saxophone falls off, and I pick it up. Soon were outside of a place that looks familiar. It look like a college campus. I look up and I see the man I've loved for three years. I walk past him away from him. I felt butterflies in my belly but I also felt sad. My current teacher walked up to the love of my life, and former student and said hi to him. They both started talking, they both seemed happy to see each other.

I was with an ex surrounded by

I was with an ex surrounded by puppies, then had to leave the island however my mum lead me and my brother onto a helicopter that was on fire

I was driving to work, I noticed

I was driving to work, I noticed as I passed by a bad wreck. The car had hit a telephone pole causing total damage to the front end. People surrounded the car. But I continued on to work. As I was pulling into my my jobs parking lot I noticed a female lion running about. That's when I noticed A mother horse dead with her throat ripped out. Her baby was at her feet writhing from the pain that it's mother was dead. As i began to look around I noticed several horses scattered around dead. My job has nothing to do with animals of any kind. Then I noticed a small mound of dirt and twigs I don't know why but I started digging under it and found a live infant so skinny with a white dress with blue flowers.

I was in a barn on country

I was in a barn on country property and it was dusk. In the barn was a grey cat sitting in the middlle and surrounded by other animals like mice birds.suddendly looking around i saw seven golden and brown snakes wiggling just under surface of the ground heading towards the cat and it suddenly struck and wi ded itself around the cat but I tapped the snake lightly and said leave the cat alone. The snake stopped and chased the other animals in the barn. More snakes appeared and killing off the animals. They all stopped and looked at me and disappeared.But it didn’t scare and the cat survived