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The boy i like and i were

The boy i like and i were conservationists and we looked after badger dens but i thought they were for monkeys and there were two humping hedgehogs

I was Anne frank and we were

I was Anne frank and we were in some sort of Jew camp but to decide which building we were to stay in was some sort of panhellenic rush process. But before I was assigned my cabin, my father bribed someone for two badges labeled "common" that allowed us to leave the ghetto. When the first guard looked at mine she said "fine, go to hell!" when the second one looked at mine she said "hurry!". So my father and I escaped with who I assume was miep from the diary of Anne frank

My boyfriend the father of my four

My boyfriend the father of my four children I find out that he is seeing someone else I guess they met at work because I remember her name badge I confronted him and ask why after having four kids and he said he had no explaination it was just cuz

Hi, I dreamt that I was a

Hi, I dreamt that I was a sister (human) to a fox called Queenie and a badger (no name). the badger had run away from home and me and the fox and our family were trying to find it to nring it home. the fox then disappeared. We go to each home in the area and turn up to a home of 2 spinster sisters and hear a crash. Before that I see 2 chickens walking and think if the badger and fox were here they would have killed those. We go to go to the back yard and despite the sisters trying to stop us we see that they have slit the badgers throat and the fox is trying to hide in a lake. they killed them to stop them killing their chickens. Weird or what! any suggestions of what this may mean? FYI I am 14 weeks pregnant. Thanks

In a huge parking lot at an

In a huge parking lot at an event filled with cars. found a lot of loose change on ground in different locations.found 2 sets of car keys. then found a third set. tried pressing the remote starts to find out which cars they belong to. clicked the remote and two of the closest cars started. clicked the third set but that was a car far away. opened first car and started to open trunk and go through car to find things of value. checked inside, then trunk. female owner came out, told them I found the keys and they were grateful. while talking to her, other car owner came to her car. she was looking for her keys but couldn't find them. I yelled to her I found them. She knew first owner. they were happy. then went into brick building. looked like a high school. I was dressed as a mailman. girl was with me. she seemed scared to go in. she said they wont bother her if she was with me because I was a federal worker. we walked through the crowded halls. there seemed to be security all around. we past a well dressed young attractive lady. she had a name badge on that said, supervisor. we walked past. I turned around to her walked back but now she was dressed without her suit jacket on. it was during lunch and she was with a large group talking to them. I waited, but then interrupted her. I told her I found a large leather suitcase filled with stuff in the parking lot. It belonged to the third car that I had keys for. she opened the bag but it now had compartments filled with electronic tools and meters and papers. they was also a large, separate homemade electronic device. we tried to figure out what it was. I turned it on. I examined it, then she did. it had a small television screen that turned on. I said that I think it belongs to a electrician person. I work for the post office and we can find out who it belonged to. I also thought I could use all the tools but that wouldn't be right. I thought it might be a friend who owns the third car. I tried to shut it off but it would not turn off. it finally did but after awhile. I thought briefly that it could be a bomb. moved to stores where my wife and I was walking. we sat down near some steps. I picked up a armful of what appeared to be giant leafy weeds. I through them into over fence into grass/dirt field. My wife told me she just took out 500 dollars from the bank to get hair done. I was afraid we took out all our money.

I was graduating, and a masked man

I was graduating, and a masked man shot my in the front. I didn't feel any pain, but I woke up a while later completely healed. There was a badger.

I'm going into work and holding hands

I'm going into work and holding hands with a co-worker. It is about to storm. My lover sees us. I plan on taking a shower and my lover enters my room and undresses. He is very muscular and aggressive. I still only want to bathe but I must light a candle in case the electricity goes out. He leaves behind his pistol on my dresser. I take his pistol and a lot if badges and ids and keys to work. I end up at a high school. I unload the gun. There is one bullet in the clip. I put it in my pocket and the gun in my waist band.