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I dreamt that me and my mum

I dreamt that me and my mum killed someone and we buried them in the back garden. Then we killed someone else that might have witnessed it and cut them up an buried thei remains too. Then we had to dig the bodies back up in the dark because our neighbour might have seen us bury them and would tell the police

I was walking outside looking for my

I was walking outside looking for my cat one night and it was a clear night with a full moon that kinda of lit everything up. Then I heard this noise coming from the garden so I went over there cause usually our cats go in there. And it was a huge brown bear, I got scared and yelled at it but then it started talking to me. He said he was a friendly bear and he could help me find my cat

I had a dream that my dad

I had a dream that my dad and I were in a shed-like building, or something like a small area fenced in that was about the size of a garden shed. My dad locked us in it and we couldn’t get out. I turned around, and there was a huge spider about the size of a basketball. It was black with an orange design of sorts on its back. It wasn’t moving, it just stayed where it was at. I freaked out and turned around, and there were more of the same things. I tried to get out, but there were those spiders blocking the door, so I stayed in the middle of the area, crying and freaking out because I couldn’t find a way out.