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I dreamed that all horror movie characters

I dreamed that all horror movie characters were running after me and no matter where i go i always end up back to my room with the killers and when one of them stabbed me i immediately woke up because i felt like i was getting stabbed in real life and i also dreamed that my mom kills me with scissors and i couldn't wake up and i dreamed that my grandma died, i got depressed and i couldnt turn on any lights in my house so i killed my family

I was in a dark room. No

I was in a dark room. No light, no sound, no nothing. Silence. A small little light turned on. I saw myself walking towards the edge of the room, towards it. Suddenly, I walked off the edge. I fell but I didn’t hit the ground. I just kept falling, screaming, but no sound came out. Then, the room did a somersault, and I saw myself on the ground. Suddenly, the room lit up. Grandma was standing next to me. An eerie whirring noise, like you would hear in those Alien-Invasion movies, filled my ears as she walked towards me, reaching out. Poof! She touched me, and disappeared into a cloud of dust. “Grandma!” I screamed, but only me hearing it. The room kept spinning, and everything went completely white.

I was watching a movie with my

I was watching a movie with my girlfriend on the couch, and she was telling me a story. Then we appeared at a restaurant and ate dinner, but in our pajamas. Then we went in the car and snuggled.

I always have the same dream of

I always have the same dream of riding on a dragon. I saw a movie as a child and I always remember this one scene and the dream used to repeat a lot when I was young

There was a zombie apocalypse and i

There was a zombie apocalypse and i was not with family and i was trying to find a safe place and i found James and we cuddled and watched a movie with Ellie and Ronnie in bed with us and then James tried to have sex with me. Then we were in my house and Ellie and Ronnie and me slept in my bed and mum was angry about having people round but they had no where else to go.

I dremt that my mom, who passed

I dremt that my mom, who passed away 14 years ago, was in an RV, my daughter was driving, my mother and I were passenger's along with my dog. I had asked my daughter if she wanted me to drive and she declined. We hit some ice and I recall the RV flipping upward and over landing on the roof. When I saw this, like a movie, in my dream, I said, this is us. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them, I saw my mother who was laying inside the RV that was now turned upside down. She was wrapped in a blanket. I 1st asked my daughter if she was okay. She said yes, I then ran to my mother, took the blanket away from her face and asked if she was okay, she didn't answer but she appeared to be okay. I then called my dog, Bailey and she came running toward me. I recall a man coming toward the RV asking if we were all okay and I said yes, I think so, but please call the police. My mother never spoke to me and I then woke up.

Verytime i watch a horror movie i

Verytime i watch a horror movie i always falling into the glass there's someone running behind my back then i dont know why i running too because i panic. When i entered a room just like im in hospital. Then i saw a little girl in the bed i talk to her but they try to push me in the building im trying to stop her . Why you want to push me who you? I said to her but she did not response the face is like familiar im trying to recognize her i failed its blurred the girl is full of emotion anger i can feel it . But i know that she is a ghost we still fighting again and again she push me into the window outside the building and while im falling down i can see the pieces of glass slomotion i can feel like an astronaut. I cant believed it. Its like a magic , like a real in life my question in my mind why did not ever get injured its imposible my body has no wounds but i can feel my heartbeat is too fast i know its not a real i wake up in the middle of the night my heartbeat is just the same the im trying to calm my body and i got a tears in my eyes.

I am a police officer and when

I am a police officer and when I go to visit my school everyone sees me as an adult and I like the adults. When I go into the teachers lounge a friend that I haven’t talked to in a long time is there and we sit down on the floor and talk. While we talk the teachers lounge turns into a movie theater and I leave soon after. I drive home in my car and I go inside and get ready for a night shift of patrolling, my first night of patrolling and when I try to go into the drivers seat I end up in the back seat. I keep going trying to get into the front seat until finally my car turns into a tricycle.