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I was in a abandoned house in

I was in a abandoned house in middle of a forest and locked inside a room and saw weird movements outside the window out of nowhere a man suddenly entered the room and tried to kill me

Trapped in a cave high up in

Trapped in a cave high up in cliffs / mountain. Might fall if tried to escape. Felt like the smoke from down was gonna kill me. All of a sudden I saw myself on the other side. There was a long straight tree so I could climb down an find my way

It was a rainy day and my

It was a rainy day and my wife and I saw my mother in law walking on the sidewalk with her grocery cart, my wife saw her and told me to pull over and I did. As my mother in law was about to get in the car she noticed a pack of tortillas in the middle of the road so she went over with her cart to pick them up. She picked them up and brought them to me, she then went back to get her cart and her shoe fell off, at this time she was in the middle of the intersection trying to put her shoe back on when a black SUV ran her over. My wife and I got out of the car, I approached the driver and told him not to move then I crouched down and tried to pick up the vehicle but I couldn’t then I bent down and asked my mother in law if she could breathe and she said yes I then remembered I had a floor jack in the trunk of my car and went to retrieve it but I woke up.

I dreamt of a big snake, a

I dreamt of a big snake, a bear tried to defeat it but it escaped, then it crowled to the roof of the building i was in with many people, a kitten was inside watching, but then suddenly it was on the other side of window falling, i was worried it would be eaten by the snake, but it got caught by an eagle instead and i could not save it

I dreamt about two guys in my

I dreamt about two guys in my house that were supposed to be my Dad and my Brother. However the guy did not look like my father and I don’t realy have a brother in real life. They got into an argument and then the brother started testing the father’s patience. The brother looked at us and took a knife and started cutting his face by slicing the skin off from the sides. He kept saying “You think I can’t do this huh?” Then he pulled the layer of skin off his face, bleeding everywhere . He was trying to imitate another serial we encountered, to prove something to the father. From my side view I could see messages pop up of some woman sending laughing emojis mocking his appearance. I got afraid so when they were distracted (talking about the bite of 87) I jumped out the back door and over the fence to escape with some money, but by then the police already arrived. I don’t know who called the police.

I dreamt i was in an apartment

I dreamt i was in an apartment that was partially my kitchen at the seaside, partially some classroom and partially something unknown. My parents were away. It was night. There was a boy friend from my class with me and there was this black woman i liked really much. There was more people but they weren't valuable. I wore peanut butter shoes. All the other people died, including the black woman and my friend and I were the only ones left. We tried to sleep on the balcony but he got struck by lightning and fell fown and died. I screamed in shock and made a face. That lightning also ruined and fried my favorite wooden music box that my mom got me from Malaysia.