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My husband passed away almost 7 years

My husband passed away almost 7 years ago. Ever since then, and even now I regularly dream terrible nightmares about him not being dead, it was all a mistake and he's cheating on me. And, I can literally feel it breaking my heart. Then the rest of the dream I'm chasing him down pleading with him to stop this. It's awful. I really wish I'd quit dreaming these horrible dreams. I always think to myself, why haven't I ever had even one good dream about him. We never had problems during our marriage concerning fidelity, that's why I just do not understand this.

•Hiding behind a wall •cute guy and

•Hiding behind a wall •cute guy and some girl were flirting •walking on nets and someone said I looked like I was dancing •couple were talking about me and saying I was hairy •I walked up to them and confronted them and they cornered me and said I'm ugly and have bad acne •while I was looking at the girl I noticed her makeup job was terrible * I acted like I didn't care and told them are they gonna keep talking cause I don't care * My friend pulled me away (Can't remember what else happens) •thought I was dreaming but noticed everything really happened and felt emotional and sad * was sitting at a table when a group of guys were sitting at another and noticed the cute guy talking to his friends about me and calling me ugly and my God brother was there * A guy asked if he wanted his cousin to fight me * My God brother just kept looking at me like he knew they were talking about me (I woke up feeling sad)

I was in a fun house with

I was in a fun house with a famous clown who appeared on Britain's got talent. I was with my best friend and was messing around with the clown. He disappeared and so did my best friend. I climbed up some stairs and found two of my other friends on the roof with a massive inflatable slide leading of it to the ground (at least 300ft drop). I remembered doing this slide when younger loads of times but it seemed steeper now. One of my friends was terrified but my other was cool with it. I said I would go first to show that nothing was wrong. The first drop on the slide was really steep but I wanted to go fast so pushed of really hard. I went soaring though the sky and missed the slide and fell to the ground. I landed on the grass but survived.

So in my dream I wasn't dreaming

So in my dream I wasn't dreaming about anything in particular but it was relaxed and happy like floating around in my subconscious. Then suddenly it felt like someone had grabbed my entire body and squeezed it and made some sort of inhuman sound in my ear. At this point I startled awake and thought that someone was in my room in the middle of the night and I just froze and slowly tried to move only managing to move my hand a little bit. Then after a little while I turned over. So fricken frightened. Nothing was there but I couldn't get the feeling of something grabbing me and making such a terrifying noice in my ear. Like it was low not a growl or a groan, a noice I haven't heard before. Now I haven't really dreamt or had a nightmare since I was in primary I'm twenty one. Can you interpret this for me if you can find meaning or. Is it just a meh dream?

The dream started at my house. My

The dream started at my house. My brother and I were home alone. Then these black vans surrounded our house. I remember being told to "watch out for black vans." I try to get my brother up, saying we have to hide, but he didn't believe me. As one of them walked up to the house, I slammed the door shut and locked it. Sometimes we leave our front door open for fresh air. After I did that, they left us alone for a while, but they were still watching us, watching our every move. I tried to call my mom, or 911, but I guess the men did something to our service too. So we hid and waited. Then I got the bright idea (why, dream me, why) of trying to run to the neighbors house and ask for help. My brother and I took the back door out, but the men were still encircled around the house. They got a hold of me, my brother escaped. They took me to this abandoned, overpopulated house that was in terrible shape. It was in the middle of downtown San Diego, I'm surprised no one saw it. By overpopulated I mean it was filled with other kids I knew, who were also all abducted. We were allowed to roam freely around the house, we just had two unofficial rules to live by. 1: Don't try to escape. 2: DON'T anger The King. We also had these weird tracker collars. They would send signals to The King, and he'd send his little men in black vans to go and kill us, and the black van men were everywhere in the outside world. Who is The King? He's the head honcho, the big kahuna of that house. No one knows who he is, or his motives. In fact, no one knew why we were taken here. Nothing bad was happening (yet), but we knew something sinister was brewing underneath. We were scared shitless. One day, The King revealed himself. He was a short, squatty man, but had the face of a sour lemon. He had a sword tucked in its sheath in his belt loop. He didn't announce him as The King, we just all kind of figured, since he looked way way older than the rest of us. He would just walk around the house, as if he was on patrol. If he didn't like the way you look, he'd kill you. If you attempted to kill him (many did), he'd make sure you die the most brutal death. He was terrifying. I avoided him at all costs. What I saw from him was unfathomable. A transgender boy was having a mental breakdown and wasn't in the right mind. He confronted The King, pleading on his knees that he'd let him go. The King looked down at the boy. "You want to be a boy right?" The kid looked up, a little taken back by this comment. "What does that have to do with anything!?" The kid responded with, getting more frustrated and angry. "I'll help you pass better as a boy." The King grabbed him by his fluffy, pretty-long-for-a-boy hair, and scalped him with his sword. Like, he cut off his hair, and scalp, so all you could see was his brain. He fell over dead. The King did all of this with such a deadpan face. He turned to the boy's body, spat on it, and muttered, "Tranny pig." Everyone watching, and there was a lot of them, turned away once The King turned to walk away. This man was a monster. I saw a lot of kids I knew there, who were from school, dance, the neighborhood, etc. I saw a girl I knew from school and cheer leading on the verge of death, anothr cheerleading classmate, who was also her best friend, cradling her, crying. The King shot the dying one in the thigh, because she tried to escape, leaving her to die slowly. It was pretty merciful, compared to the other methods of punishment. This broke my heart. The two most popular and joyous girls I knew were at utmost despair. Throughout the dream, I could only think about my parents and my brother. Flash forward to another day, I'm walking around the house, like usual, with the rest of the "herd" of abducted children, and I meet up with that one girl who was cradling and crying over her dying best friend. We talked a little, she's very damaged because of what happened to her best friend. She tells me we need to escape. That her friend's death cannot be in vain. I'm very reluctant, but I'm pretty fast on my feet. I agree. We climb over the wall, and run a couple meters from the house. I look back, and I understand why no one sees the kids, or anything that's occurring in that house. There's some sort of protection field that makes it still look like its abandoned from the outside. The sirens go off. Green lazor lights are everywhere. Those represent the locations of the Black Van Men. We make it as far as the freeway. We try to remove the collars but we can't. Then I wake up.

First person experience, some of it felt

First person experience, some of it felt like a reflection, some felt like I was observing another. Dreamt of a man (face unrecognizable but seemed like myself, location seemed like my bedroom yet not) holding water in his cheek. His cheek swelled and the water burst through the other side of his skin floating in a state of suspension. I felt horror at first but then saw his cheek to be in both a condition of terrible wound and perfectly normal (Distortion like effect). I remember a specific reasoning/thought from myself that this water had resolved itself (quantum) to the otherside of the mans cheek, his wound/non-wound was perplexing to me. He seemed to convey alarm and pain, yet he also did not. There was more unrelated dreams in this sequence, none standout as much as this paticular moment which seemed to last a little more than a minute.