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We ended up at a theme park

We ended up at a theme park me, my boyfriend, dad and mom went on the ride which was really high and fast we ended up going on the ride we didn't want front seats so we sat in the middle l, my boyfriend didn't talk much to me he would keep walking off, I wasn't scared of the ride, mom said it was all in my head but as soons as my dad call her to come here, my boyfriend walked over to his ex and started talking to her and ignore me like I wasn't even there I actually grab her and him by the hair and I woke up

We started of at a theme park,

We started of at a theme park, we ended going in a really fast and high ride, I know there was something up between me and my boyfriend we seem offishbwith each other, my mom kept telling me it was in my head but as soons as she went he goes over to his text and ignores me

Me and my friend were at this

Me and my friend were at this random place showering, she was in the shower with her boyfriend. as i showered, i noticed there was a large group of people who could see me from the wall behind me, and i immediately felt uncomfortable. then my friend and i were walking down the street by the ocean, until we saw my other friend. as we approached closer to him, we noticed his car being towed, but he never told us why. i began to walk further down the street by myself until i thought i was standing in front of my ex boyfriends house. seconds later, a group of boys walked past, which i ignored. i heard a sniff, and then i looked down at my phone, and i had a text from my ex boyfriend saying, "you cant say hi?" i said, "wait," and the group of boys turned around. my ex boyfriend saw me and was talking to me until he pulled me into a hug and seemed as if he was about to kiss me. in that moment, a different car pulled up, and we all got in. i sat in the back seat and he sat in the passenger. we sang along to a song about getting back together together.

A few days ago I had a

A few days ago I had a dream where I started to cheat on my boyfriend but after making out with the guy in my dream for a little bit I quickly stood up and told him no, I couldn't do this to my boyfriend. Of course when I woke up I felt weird and a bit guilty even though it was just a dream and I have no interest in any other guy. Then last night I had a dream that I was cuddling with my boyfriend but at the same time he was (fingering) another girl. Basically, he had one arm around me but the other hand was working on her. In the dream I was upset but tried to ignore it and let him continue to do it. Now I'm shaken up and feel pretty terrible (even though it didn't really happen.) I trust my boyfriend so I don't understand where these dreams are coming from but could they have a meaning and what is it?

I had a dreamt that my ex

I had a dreamt that my ex is asking me if its okay with me if he could pick me up at my work sometimes but even before it happens he just suddenly change his mind and ignore me again. Because of her mom, her mom doesn't like me in my dream but in real life were good friends.

I had a dream my ex walked

I had a dream my ex walked into my house. I did not want to see him. I kept trying to have him leave but he would ignore everything i would say. Also in the dream I was at a fair and i was sitting. and he walk up next to me and sat down. I didnt want to be near him. His girlfriend was near by and i didnt want her to see us together

I was smoking weed with my boyfriend,

I was smoking weed with my boyfriend, i felt really high so i wanted to go to bed. Later (I don't know how I got there) I was on some sort of bus with rooms and such and for some reason I thought it was mine. It all seemed a bit unfamiliar bit I just thought I was tripping. I was still feeling the effect of the weed and the people on the bus, my boyfriends friends, were acting really weird and ignoring me. It turns out the bus was one of my boyfriends friends. On the way to wherever we were going outside I could see Christmas decorations, I was laughing saying 'is it just me or can I see Christmas decorations outside? It's not even Christmas.' I was ignored and figured it was because I was tripping and making a fool of myself. Once again, I have no idea how I got there but I had arrived at somebodies house, but it was enormous, and i couldn't find my boyfriend or children. My children were never on the bus with me but I just kept crying that I just wanted to go home and find my children. I encountered weird things while searching for my boyfriend and kids. A midget who I wanted badly to hurt but who was protected by a giant was one. I tired to phone my boyfriend but a weird message kept coming up about the call/line being diverted. When I found my boyfriend he was laying in a bed with medical tubes and such in his arms. He had no eyes, or rather on closer inspection they were covered with flesh. So it kinda formed a pink fleshy eye. He couldn't talk to me much, but he told me that while I was stoned he had made me sign something as I was not able. He had no idea that this would happen though. I think he was being experimented on I made my way outside where I still knew was still apart of whoever was controlling this ordeal. There were Christmas things again and also Halloween decorations. I saw a vampire and thought that maybe this is what they were trying to do to my boyfriend. Experimenting to make human vampires. I then found my boy. He was all dirty and didn't seem overly stressed about it all. He was running about with other dirty children. At one point I thought he had lost an arm and was relieved when I realised he hadn't. He was a bit bruised though I think. I hugged him and cried and told him that I was sorry. This is when my daughter woke me up. When I awoke I was still feeling all the emotions from my dream and I cried. I dont think I've ever had such an intense dream, and it was so vivid.

I dreamed that my mother was driving

I dreamed that my mother was driving a gray suv and traffic was held I stopped in my car but my mother ignored the signs she passed on car and started driving on to grass she down a hill and the car flipped over into the woods and landed on its back and I was screaming uncontrollable thinking my mother was dead

I saw jacksepticeye fall off a roof

I saw jacksepticeye fall off a roof and ran over to see if he was okay. Markiplier was there and when I got close enough he looked like he was annoyed that I was there. I have dreams were he is mad at me, ignores me, or makes me feel like I did something wrong.