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I had a dream where my husband

I had a dream where my husband and I were walking with our children and he said there was $140 on the ground. On the ground the money was on fire so I stomped on it and it was in tact with minor burn on the side like it had black markings but the whole bill was complete. Then I walked to my car and I believe a drug addict came and said I saw you pick up money it was $140 and it's mine. I knew it wasn't his because the amount I actually picked up was $120 and told him otherwise. I was acting so cold towards the person which took me back because I don't behave this way normally. What does this mean?The car broke down heading to work so I took a bike instead and as I was getting towards the freeway it was harder and harder to turn the pedals until I couldn't turn them anymore they became increasingly heavier. Then someone attached my bike to theirs to help me and when I got on the bike I was very high off the ground like almost 15 feet. And the bike would be swirving from side to side. I felt like I was going to fall but I never did. Eventually i got to work and when I got off I saw my husband being friendly with the person that helped me get to work but it didn't seem like he knew the person helped me. I felt uneasy about the person and couldn't put my finger on it and then I woke up

The scene was my grandma's house, three

The scene was my grandma's house, three dogs I saw them sneaking behind the front yard door, when i opened the door they get inside and attack my cats inside the house, and I couldn't kick them out easily, at the end I catched one of my cats and I thought it was one of the dogs and carry her to throw it out the house and when I realized it was one of my cats and i turned back i saw a foreign man lying on the couch and one of the dogs on his chest, the dogs stop doing trouble and been quite

So my dream started off as my

So my dream started off as my mom killing herself (btw my mom has passed away in real life and I’m 18f) (I also have trouble remembering full nightmares) stuff happened inbetween after she did that and I saw her again after that and she was alive so I thought I must’ve been dreaming and then my dream hit a repeat and then I caught my boyfriend with my mom and for some reason he had a piss fetish

I woke up in my dream and

I woke up in my dream and saw 2 cobra snakes on my bed, the one on my right was a white cobra that shhhsss and was alert but it wasn’t looking at be, it looked over me and then I looked at where it was looking at and I saw a dead black cobra or black snake on my left… So I stood up and switch on my light and there was nothing, it was 2:45 AM. I heard snakes bring messages when it appears in dreams but is this a bad or good sign? AN what is the meaning of the dream?