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I dreamt of walking home in about

I dreamt of walking home in about an inch high muddy rainwater on a road with my big sister, uncle, and my dead grandmother. Suddenly a little crocodile came running towards our direction, but was not attacking. I even jumped over the crocodile when it came near me. The crocodile is more likely running away from something or frantically looking for new place to stay. Then other little crocodile appeared. We were hesitant of walking foward or going back.

Childhood home looked exactly like it did

Childhood home looked exactly like it did when I was a kid. My girlfriend that I’m with now was in it but not growing up. I couldn’t wake up and something kept turning water and lights on in other room She was scared I heard her but couldn’t wake up

I dreamt about a snake with a

I dreamt about a snake with a lion head jumping out of the crystal clear water chasing me after i took a scoop out of the water

Dreamt that friends and I went to

Dreamt that friends and I went to a spot for fun but turns out it was filled the crocodiles. The area has lots of water and trees. Most of my friends died but I was able to get away. Me and another friend were driving and we stumbled upon the same spot. However, it seems like it was a while after because the place had more grass and trees. We saw a crocodile but we ran and got away . We got to another area that seemed like a park but filled with water. There were crocodiles there too. My friend had jumped into the water without knowing. I did see the crocodile in the water but didn’t get a chance to warn her and she was eaten while I ran and got away. I was in a strange place that I didn’t know when I looked around.

In the dream it was me and

In the dream it was me and him at this park on top of a very big mountain with clouds all around , me and him were sitting down on a bench with a table , he had a black shirt , gray shorts and some vans with his hair combed to the side and a water bottle with him , he was literally in-front of me physically alive once again and I remember we hugged each other when I saw him and I asked him “how is it in heaven?” What’s it like? Are you in a better place now?” He responded “it’s nice bro everyone cares about you and checks up on you” he also told me “don’t be sad bro one day you all will be with me, I’m watching over y’all” he had 5 minutes to talk with me before his time was up. We remained sitting down and laughing for a while .Towards the end his time was up and a white path way to the sky opened up and he told me “I’ve got to go bro” I shook his hands and told him “I’m always here for you bro” he smiled then ran to the white pathway and flew to the sky. I walked away feeling at peace in shock knowing I had just seen him again , then I woke up

I was at the pier in st

I was at the pier in st Augustine with my ex crush that I still like but we saw like all of this garbage but it was like broken toys and water guns and just old kids stuff pretty much and didn’t think anything of it and we left and then I went back a little later by myself and I was picking up the garbage and this scary man came up and picked up one of the water guns but then it all of a sudden was a real gun so I hid behind a concrete post but he could see me so I kept ducking to hide and he was talking to himself so he was distracted and forgot I was there and then I saw my different ex boyfriend from a distance walking towards me and I waved at him to stop him and the man heard him coming so he started yelling at me and then Holden turned into a cop and was trying to get him to drop the gun and telling me sneak away slowly and then I heard a gun shot and I woke up and I was terrified cause I don’t know who got shot