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I had a dream Sean Connery was

I had a dream Sean Connery was interested in me! We dated and I wanted to marry him! He turned me down! At the same time I found out my husband told this other girl I never met before he loves her! I noticed she had long hair and my husband had told me before he likes short hair! i was hurt and mad to see this because I'm real life I cut my hair for him! I felt angry he was in love with another girl and not me! Because I feel I've done everything to please him and nothing works! And on the other hand I'm relived that I don't have to fight that fight anymore and that i lost and i should just move on! Hurt and moving on I pursue Sean Connery! I love him and I have the feeling he wants me back so I go looking for him! And I wake up!

So I've been a cheerleader for 8

So I've been a cheerleader for 8 years and for my senior year of high school I'm deciding to not tryout because 1. I hate my coach 2. I don't like some of the girls on the team 3. Very stressful since my coach was a bully which made me hate myself. I do love the sport but I don't think I can deal with the stress anymore. Last night I had a dream that I was at tryouts and everything was fine. When it was time to find out who made it I woke up. I don't know what this dream means please help

i dreamt my daughter's mother the man

i dreamt my daughter's mother the man she is married to and her 18 yr old daughter of a previous relationship and myself in the same house her 18yr old daughter an her husband was in a room, together she (18yr old) was laying on a bed an he the stepdad / husband was on the other end of the bed the door was slightly closed i was on my way to have a bath an passed the said door an she (18yr) an my eyes made for an she was not pleased i proceeded to the bathroom to have my shower then in the same dream My (daughter's mother ) husband tryin to push her ( my daughter's mother ) to get close to me..

A woman was getting her limbs cut

A woman was getting her limbs cut off by a group of women. I asked what was going on and the woman with no arm said she agreed to it if they paid for her groceries after. The torture continued and the group kept getting bigger. They started to plan to set her on fire and I kept asking why. One woman started to beat her with a piece of meat. I asked the woman with no arms if she was okay and she said yes, she didn't want to pay for her groceries. I overheard a few women whisper about a past torture that happened in the very house we were in. Ome woman pointed at fainted fingernail like scratches that were etched on the living room floor. They took her into the bedroom as I secretly took a video of the group of women. I was then about to leave until I heard the women with no arms or legs start to scream. I screamed and asked "What are you doing!?!" And the women with no arms or legs screams muffled and I could hear "they're suffocating me" I looked into the room from the hallway and saw 3 women on the bed and one women on the floor covering the women with no arms or legs with a blanket. I walked to the entrance of a room and said "If you want, they could stop this now and you could just pay for all your stuff." She agreed instantly and cried please please yes. But the group women screamed "NO!" And all of them walked towards me. I grabbed a knife and I said this isn't right, and I already called the police. A black woman in front of me maybe knew I had just lied, and snatched my phone from me. I tried to pull away but I knew the only way to get the phone was to use the knife. I couldn't. And woke up.

6 months ago my husband of 62

6 months ago my husband of 62 years passed away. About 30 days after his passing I had this dream that a unknown male dressed in all black appears in my bedroom. I have had this dream 3 other times since. in the dream the man asks if I'm alone, and when I reply no, he either says he will be back at night time to visit with me again or to sleep with me. It is making me very scared and uncomfortable in my own home. Please if you can help me interpret this dream.