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I dreamt I was sitting in the

I dreamt I was sitting in the same helicopter as my former biology teacher whose in the USA currently taking medicine and he was congratulating me on something and the helicopter was flying

In this dream, it started with Grace,

In this dream, it started with Grace, Gina, Sierra and I wearing these red helmets that had clear face shields that came down over our faces and we were wearing black suits. I think to protect us from the wind. We were up high in the air on the wing of a plane over Boston. We jumped off the wing of the plane and we were skydiving but we weren’t falling, we were just hovering next to the plane and we would fly over what looked like the streets of Boston and then we would go back and sit on the wing and then go again and again and again. The wing of the plane was like a break spot from flying. Then we were doing stuff like putting our feet up to the sky and our head to the ground. Throughout the dream it felt like I was falling in my sleep except when we were sitting on the wing of the plane. Then all of the sudden we were on the ground and we ran to a college tour that we were going to be late for if we didn’t run. The street we were running on wasn’t pavement either, it was really nice black tile.