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I’m standing on a gravel driveway, near

I’m standing on a gravel driveway, near the end by a gravel road. I’m just a young kid, but I don’t know how old. The sky is gray and getting darker. I can see a house at the end of the driveway, it looks close yet far away. My whole family is near the house so I try going towards it, but I don’t make much process. I turn around towards the gravel road and try to walk that way. My limbs feel heavy, and I can barely move. My eyes start to close and I have to fight to keep them open. I feel trapped in a small area on this driveway, unable to make progress in any direction. I want to call for my mom, but I can’t open my mouth and she doesn’t hear me. It gets harder to breath. I’m stuck.

I was walking into my backyard when

I was walking into my backyard when there I saw a boy standing behind a tree that I had never seen before. I was only 12 years old at the time and I was very confused and asked what he was doing there, and he said he was declaring his love for me and that we would be together forever. I told him that that was great, but that I had no idea who he was or how he knew me. He said he knew about me through a friend that as his friend described me that he would love me till the end of time, so I went with it and as young 12 “love birds” we walked around the block and held hands for 3 hours.

i was in my grandmothers old house.

i was in my grandmothers old house. the lights wouldnt turn on, it was kinda scary. i go upstairs and someone have covered a light switch. the house was scary. i walk down and see my brother as a younger person before he died sitting in the recliner. at one point in the dream i am wrestling with a cat. the cat is trying to bite me and is very strong. i realize its not even my cat. it was supossed to have been a cat i had once in my lifetime and i even called it by name and realized it wasnt that cat when it was attacking me.i walk down and i see nurses over a bed with my son in it who is 9. then i see a baby crawling toward me and thought it was a ghost baby and started saying i found my baby. the nurses take the baby and say i stole another mans baby and say your son is right here and point to the child in the bed. i panic and start running because in the dream in my mind i think they are going to commit me. i run into a room and see my dad he is in the bed listening to headphones. i jump in bed with him. he was paralyzed which in real life he was. but then in walks his ghost from when he used to be able to walk and has something in his hands he is trying to show me. i start kicking at him and get woke up because someone wakes me up because i am screaming in real life while asleep.

I dreamt that i was at a

I dreamt that i was at a supermarket rebranding a coco cola shelf when armed rubbers came into the supermarket.....i quickly fitted my self on the bottom shelf where I was working out of sight... As everybody who was in the supermarket were taken to the front and some shot dead.... A young lady tried to run but was shot just as she reached where i was hiding...as she fell to the floor her eyes wide open looking at me between the shelf....i wanted to scream but blocked my my mouth ...the guy passed by and i took a pic of his shoes....i sent an SOS to all my contacts... Texted my boss to let her know what was happening so she could call the police... The robbers escaped...but one stayed to see what was going on....the same one i took the pic of his shoes...i showed the pic to the police and he was arrested and led them to the rest of his friends