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Anyways this dream was I was seeing

Anyways this dream was I was seeing a white guy and Idk if he was married or he had a gf before but anyways I think the first one But anyways, he loved me more aha but we'd secretly meet and she was always tryna catch us, specifically me but couldn't Last time we met and I noticed she was coming so I told the guy to leave and I took the spiral slide down to the basement washroom and she noticed and came running after me and I freaked Out and was playing with the water from toilet bowl thinking I was washing my hands rather than using sink and steam blew out of her ears and then yeah she was gonna go and confront him but I woke up

I was in a school or something,

I was in a school or something, and needed to use the bathroom. They seemed to only have a very open and public toilet with just a curtain for privacy and I was on my period. It was pouring out so much that I could barely flush in time and eventually it started to flood with my period blood. I heard some familiar voices outside the curtain and called out that I'd be right there, but I feared they might open up and see me. They didn't though. However, once I got some control over the flow somehow and could get dressed, I started to clean up my mess, but then I saw a wasp had been stuck in my sleeve the whole time. I managed to get it out without any harm done to me.

Called ex about concert tickets. Shows up

Called ex about concert tickets. Shows up to where he’s at with Another ex’s sister at a Concert. Fell into the toilet in the bathroom. Some lady gave me a white wristband. Some other lady stole my shoe and I knocked her out. Tyler, Briana and I tried to run from the cops. They left me behind and locked the cage door. I ran circles in the cage while there was an animal in the cage after me while lights shown on me and I was being watched . Black I think. Started jumping the fence to get away but jumped it over and over and over a lot of times.