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A ship, the colors and patterns of

A ship, the colors and patterns of my room floats in on the shore, the people are docking it. Later theres a girl arguing with someone upset they're not going to make it to New Orleans. I escape and with me are two other people, one of them I sense is a friend, the other my rescue. We go out on a balcony overlooking the water under the moonlight, there are two water serpents or dragons, we both slither our tongues at each other. The friend is making comedic commentary, though I can't place who they are, as if there is a veil around my eyes. We go inside, he follows me frantically taking me up into his arms. It is only now that I noticed I'm wearing a backless velvet dress, like one I've thrifted before. He said he likes it, asking me if my mother made it. I look deeply into his eyes... We are dancing very close I can feel him, our hips and groin rubbing together. We're getting married he said, but I plea that I am already married, as my eyes dart towards the door.

I was with this woman and a

I was with this woman and a man but I didn't know them. We were in a flooded area and the women said she couldn't go any farther because it was flooded. So then I turn and see that there is a man standing on a dry surface and we wasn't wet. It was a blue light he was in front of. So then the settings change and I was in a balcony with 2 to 3 little toddlers 1 of them a girl and the other one a boy. And this woman keeping watch and the man keeping qatch, and I was just, there.

I was talking to the man i

I was talking to the man i love and I said, i start work here tomorrow. He grabbed me by the waist and roughly and his demeanor turned dark and threatening as he whispered "if you come back here you'll never be able to walk again." Somehow I interpreted this as a threat on my life and i said, "you're going to kill me?" I could sense both denial of this accusation and animosity. I ran as quickly as I could away from him and i came to an elevator and i went down it and suddenly i was outside, driving and I noticed there were speed bumps and as i looked back i could see him on a balcony with another man. The man i love was sweating profusely, sweat was dripping from his face and he ran his fingers through his hair as i drove off.

there was a mansion located on a

there was a mansion located on a hilly region with green grass and colorful flowers. Me and my friend Hanna were sitting in a hot tube which was on a balcony overlooking the hills. Then my friend Bella came over and told me that I did not bring enough purple for the trip. I then went inside and unpacked and pet my black cat whose name was Oreo. I then went to sleep on my red hammock. I woke up to some guy throwing dippin dots at me and then my cat knocked me off my hammock