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I'm hungry so I walk to get

I'm hungry so I walk to get fast food. When there I get stopped by a crooked cop and his associates. They think I'm their dealer. I get roped into going to get food with them. we do drugs/pot. The cop passes out and his friends want food to. So they decide to stop at some mutual redneck guys house. I order Nepalese food with the cops credit card. End up ordering for an entire household, but not for my self. Every time I try and find the menu its not it. There was a porn mag, a stylised clipboard and a racist joke made to look like menus. We end up waiting for ever for the food. The cop wakes up a leaves several times to smoke pot with his friends. The supposed food comes but the lady drops off a llama, its trainer and thanks me for my big heart. Then we wait some more and I start getting greeted by random circus/carny people that think I'm their new boss and we never got food.

The circus was in town, and although

The circus was in town, and although her parents couldn’t take her, they gave her older brother, Max, money for admission and snacks, and she and Max went. They found their seats, four rows up, and Max pointed at the clowns and the elephants. She loved the animals, the colorful costumes, the loud music, and the laughs and cheers of the crowd. Max excused himself to go to the concessions stand, but he didn’t return. The show ended, and he was nowhere to be found. After calling for him and searching for what seemed like an eternity, she started to cry in despair. She felt the kind hand of a teenage girl on her shoulder, and the teenager directed her to a group of teen girls who were chatting and giggling with Max.

It started out on a school field

It started out on a school field trip, he was walking in a line and all of a sudden he turned his head and saw a slide. He figured his teacher wouldn’t mind if he took a little trip down the twisted slide so he climbed the latter and began he journey down the slide. When he landed he was in a desert, it was bare and hot and the ground was cracked. There were a few cactuses- he decided that that wasn’t the place for him so he climbed back up the slide and made his way down again landing with a big splash, he panicked only for a second before realizing that even though he was under the water he could still breath, he looked around noticing the oceans features as he continued to sink, he saw whales and dolphins, turtles, and fish. He even saw a scuba diver. But the water started to turn dark and decided that this place wasn’t for him either. So he climbed back up the slide and twisted and turned as he went down again. He repeated this over and over again, he landed in a circus, on a hot air balloon, and many other places… but when he decided that is was time to go home he climbed up the slide on last time and slid right back into his class line and woke up.

I've had the dream twice in a

I've had the dream twice in a row. I'm looking out the apartment window from a dark bathroom and it is the middle of the night. Below me is a fenced off balcony, a stretch of free air, and a high concrete platform. I see the shadows of circus animals in the distance, and then a clown walks forward. He is wearing a creepy mask, and I feel like he looks right at me. At his side there is a zebra, and he's leading it to the edge of the concrete platform. The zebra reaches the raised portion at the end of the platform, steps up, and is ordered to start walking. I watch it slip and fall down into the open air. When I look up in shock after witnessing a zebra's death, the clown is wearing a normal mask. And he is staring right at me. Afterwards I run into the hallway, yelling for someone to call 911.