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I was in the field where my

I was in the field where my dad keeps his deer stand, but some of the trees surrounding the field were in different places. I started walking past where the deer stand is and toward where a road would be in real life, but there was no road, just more field. All of a sudden a rollercoaster that looked like it was Greek themed appeared out of nowhere. I walked up to it but there was no way to get on it, so I turned around and walked back toward the deer stand but now there were a ton of Greek pillars placed in random spots throughout the field. Some were standing upright, some slightly tilted, and some broken and lying down. I thought this was weird so I went back to the rollercoaster which was now operating. When the rollercoaster carts came by I jumped and grabbed onto one but I flew into the air and fell to the ground. I thought this was fun so I started to run and took off flying. After flying around for a while my flight abilities started getting weaker and I eventually lost the ability to fly despite how hard I tried to start flying again.

You had to be with a mother

You had to be with a mother figure or an item that showed you were a child in order to live. You were trapped in a nursing home type place and phones were not usable. You couldn’t escape. I went to a play that they held there at this hospital and pretended to be an extra in it, and attempted escape but was brought back. Then the woman told me I was the sacred deer. She then made me watch an amputation of a woman’s legs and I was shut back in the big room with everyone. If the bells rang and you were not with your mother or an item that showed your innocence you were killed.

So i was so scared i was

So i was so scared i was frightened when i woke up i remember it very well it felt real i had my friend jason and my boyfriend there and my friend jason whispered to me my boyfriend was on extacy and was going to drug me but in real life he doesnt do drugs. my daughter escaped my hous shes only 3 years old i didnt realize till she was already down the street chasing a deer i beileive it was a doe, i was chasing her telling her to get back here she could have gotten hurt then i pinched her bum and spanked her and felt horrible after because i bruised her then i remember i started acting funny like i thought i was going to have a siezure and i have that condition i remembered i told myself in my dream i was just dreaming almost like i could see myself dreaming then i woke up suddenly and started crying because it felt so real but it was a dream

I walked into my office at work

I walked into my office at work and there was what appeared to be a dead bear skunk snake and two deer. I walked around and got help from other co workers and when I came back they stood up and walked away.

I wanted to act or something. Model

I wanted to act or something. Model like white girl got in way moved me down to bottom. I went to tell on her. On my way back i get called. Its Jesse, Mr. Moore and some others. "Chauday how did it go...ooo..did she say when practice was?" I say "idk maybe 2 times out of 10 days" mr moore laughs "she we make her just for saying that" (push?) "U should always practice. Here" he hands me a flute. I try to play it but its clogged and something is sticking out. Edward appears. "What's this" i say "what do u think it is" he pulls it out to reveal a long pipe cleaner. I began to unclog all the gunc out of it and tried to play the first song i ever performed. Edward taking his time to show me. The background changes to a forest. And Edward to two new asain teachers. Im sitting in the same chair stuggling with the notes and slowly lifting my leg as if trying to march. I ask "how am i suppose to march like thi-" but before she answered i turned my leg into a perfect 90. The second teacher smiled at me and said very good then told me to stand up and march as i played as the first teacher continued to instruct my playing. I kept moving and playing until the background changed again "Chauday come on come on its suavemente" i look around realizing i was in a room now the flute was gone and two ppl were facing front at the screeb as it played suavemente. I took off my shoes and socks and began to follow the screen. After the dance i left the room to walk into another. Everyone is working around this table. This is when i noticed the window. The first deer burst threw the window and grabbed the ladies hair in his mouth. "Help me" she spoke. Ppl came to her rescue only for a fat half naked mad to come in to try and strangle her. Again ppl came to her need 'let her go' they said until he did. The man vanishes and everyone continues to work like nothing happened. I see the deer lurking in the window again. As if on repeat the lady walks by and the deer attacks again. "Help me" she says. Ppl come help only for the man to follow again "help me". 'Let her go' theyd say. And he would. And leave. They return working. "Chauday can u go untie the string in there please" someone instructs me. I walk inside the closet. Reached for the scissors and cut something. "Its in the back tied up..." Listening to the new instructions i know ive cut the wrong thing. I walk further down cut the right thing and head back "what happened to the power" i hear them say i return to the room but everyone is exactly where i left them. Stuck yet busily working. Only difference is now the room is lit by the now broken open window. The tree stands just outside of it like u could almost walk out unto it like a ledge. I see the deer, majestic and beautiful standing in the tree lurking. I see the lady walking by. Ik what was going to happen....

Majestic deer in window. Nice white lady

Majestic deer in window. Nice white lady in room. Everytime shed go by the deer would be huge and jump in to attack her "help me" somehow. Not long after a fat white man would come in to stangle her "help me" it took so a couple ppl to get him off. Again and again this repeated "help me" shed say. This time i saw it coming. Tree in broken window. Deer appeared majestic and beautiful. White lady appeared deer violent lunges in to get her "help me" black female friend goes to help. Deer backs off only to let fat white boy come in to grab her. He lays on floor with her in hands i yell "let her go" worried he may throw her i tell her to try to hold me while i try to push in his eyes and choke him as he chokes her. But it was hard. It was like i almost couldnt do it. I couldn't manage to push hard enough to feel his pain on my fingers...i wake up

4 fish in a bowl. 2 are

4 fish in a bowl. 2 are goldfish. Deer made of tree branches. Smoking marijuana.

I dremp that deer are running from

I dremp that deer are running from something and they are running in all directions , I feel confused and scared , this dream repeats itself night after night .

I walked out back door on my

I walked out back door on my trailor off the portrch, it was dark,then i seen a set of reflecting eyes, i thought deer at first but it stayed so i yelled at it saying i knew it was there,then more and more sets of eyes popped up,they were on a small hillside 30 feet or so from the portch,then all at the same time they steped into the portchlight and it was dead realatives and friends,they started to come torwards me,i dont kno if they ment harm or friendly, i went back into my trailor/home and another dead elder i know, i woke up on the bed,i told him what was happening,as i turned the t.v. off he got out of bed and walked to the corner of the room and started to whisper to them something i couldnt make out,then i woke up