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I keep dreaming of a guy I

I keep dreaming of a guy I met and speak to often in a public setting. In the dream we enter in a relationship, and build a house together.

I was down near the beach and

I was down near the beach and I was with a bunch of family friends who wanted to go crabbing, but their version of crabbing consisted of walking along the local rivers at low tide and turning over the rocks where they would find crabs. I walked along the river’s edge with them and it seemed like there was a crab under almost every rock and if there wasn’t a crab, then you just had to turn over a rock that was under the top rock. I would grab them from the side quickly before they could pinch me and throw them into a bucket. As we approached the bay we could see more and more people and boats and at one point a biker drove his bike into the shallow water and made a big circle throwing up a lot of water in the process. There were a lot of sailboats in the bay and I knew this was a dream while I was dreaming it.

I was dreaming about my girlfriend. And

I was dreaming about my girlfriend. And some boy kept trying to steal her from me. And we was like competing for her but I was still being nice to him, but in the end I got fed up when we went to lunch and he pulled her in his lap. I told him to leave and he tried to shoot me