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I was at a lodge or resorst.

I was at a lodge or resorst. There were many other people and it seemed that there was a contest or savage hunt of sorts going on. In this lodge certain amounts of money were placed throughout hidden in different places. Everybody was finding money. And every time I saw a prize from far off someone would get there before me. There was a grand prize hidden in the lodge which held the most money ever. No one could find it. I was looking around and at the entrance to the lodge I saw an object. I looked around to see if anyone saw what I was seeing. No one noticed. So I walked toward the doors hoping no one would notice. I knew it was a prize and i hoped no one got it nefore me. Everyone keep walking past it, but it was very noticeable. So I continued to walk towards it. I was soo happy that I got to the prize. When i pulled the envelope off the door it was the grand prize. I won all the money. I went upstairs and in a room I saw my mom and some of our family friends talking playing and having the time of their lives. I saw celebrity's like Jessica Simpson and nick Lachey. I was happy.

I was looking in my bag for

I was looking in my bag for something when i noticed envelopes i had put money in and written on looked disturbed, i lifted envelope out it had been burst at top edge and a few coins and a pound coin and £10 note fell out when i emptied it. I couldnt believe that was all there was but i couldnt remember how much was supposed to be there i think it was £90. Then i put down 3 £20 notes and the £10 left in envelope looked fake as i picked it up i saw it was long and thin and not real. I went into say to My ex partner it was in our old house now in my bed he was doing something on his phone when I walked in he put the phone up to top of his head I asked who he was on phone to he Said nobody what do you want ? I said did u take money out an envelope in my bag he said yes I said why did you take it without asking, he didn't answer I said how much did you take, he said how much do you think I took ? I was shocked he had taken money without asking me first. Then he said now move out the way or stand against the wall down there, I looked and our youngest son was standing against the wall dressed in football strip his dad was videoing him, I then walked away feeling hurt and confused he,d stolen from me and wasn't bothered about it.

I woke in a bed. Inside the

I woke in a bed. Inside the bed, was earth from a pot. I got up, and there was a cactus on the mirror. I thought thats strange. I went to the patio doors to shut them, and the house was up in their air. In the sky. I was worried about that, and the post came, and some big brown envelopes were on the mat. I then went down stairs. It was a big stair case. The house was like a stately home. I saw water dripping from the ceiling onto a tray with a tea pot. I went upstairs to investigate, and some people said no.. there's a ghost. The ghost is doing it, and its coming. It came. And it started throwing things around. We couldnt see it. I said why you doing this!! It rhrew a book at me. Like a stately home guide book. I dodged it, then I realised the ghost was trying to tell me something. I said tell me. It gave me threw me another book, the same. My lower legs went freezing cold. I knew the ghost was by me. It showed me a page with women on it. Then it said you look like her..