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I was wearing a rainbow ring that

I was wearing a rainbow ring that could take me forward and backward in time. Suddenly, I open up a portal in my grandma's house, and I fall in. I end up in my grandma's house in 2017, and apparently, I ended up in a timeline where I don't exist. My family looked at me as if they never knew who I was. It was 12:00 noon, and another portal opened. I jumped in and ended up in Los Angeles. The trees had yellow leaves and dark bark. The dojo was full of only black belts. One of the masters of the Dojo walked up to me and dragged me in a room with 3 other black belts. The goal was to collect as many balls in the center of the room. I collected 2 balls less than one of the black belts. It was noon, and the portal opened. I explained to the instructor that I don't go to his school, and I had to go. I bid him farewell, but as soon as I said that, the portal closed. I was stuck in the dojo forever. The rainbow spirit of the ring closed around me. Everything got darker and darker and then I woke up.

I dreamt of my late my very

I dreamt of my late my very sick , and thin and we were ready to bid her farewell. My brother in dream ( is currently sick) was crying and went by to hug and tell her he loves her, Immediately my sick mother was healed and had full recovery and all was well in the family

My grandmother and I were exploring the

My grandmother and I were exploring the house we used to live in, wondering what the previous tenants did to it. I took a look inside the bathroom and called out, and to my surprise a little ghost flew from a loose tile in the ceiling and into the shower. I assured her it was okay, and she traveled alongside me and grew attached to me. Upon reaching my grandparent's house, the ghost had disappeared, and I had found out my grandfather had gotten rid of her. I cried and woke up before I could even bid her a proper farewell.

I'm lead down a corridor that's got

I'm lead down a corridor that's got one of those flame torches sticking out on either side of the walls. The person in front of me has like large black wings and he is leading me towards a huge room. Now, in that room there are 8 stone thrones and a gold one in between. On the stone thrones, there are 4 beautiful people with black wings, and 4 beautiful people with white wings. I just stand at the side of the room whilst a bigger man comes in. One of his wings are black, and the other is white. He sits on the golden throne, so I guess he's like the leader? My wrists are bound and I'm very quiet. The man on the gold throne clicks his fingers, and two guards bring a man in. It's kind of like a judgement for heaven and hell. The man's face was so familiar but I couldn't place who it was. The two guards had one scroll each and they unrolled it. One was bigger, which was the length of a 2-storey house, than the other one, which was really small, as long as the palm of my hand. The man on the golden throne read out each scroll, and I realised they were his good and bad deeds. The rest of the angels on the stone thrones looked at each other and were discussing something. Then a bell rang, and each angel (from the stone thrones) said whether the man should be condemned to hell or exalted to heaven. He was a good man, so they all said 'Heaven'. The man in the golden throne held his hand up and a halo appeared over the dead mans head. The man looked at me and smiled, then he was lead to a white corridor to the right where choir sounds and birds could be heard. The angels on the stone thrones lead out through the passage I came in through. The man on the golden throne walked towards me and said, "When will you be ready? You've seen them all come and go..." and I just shrugged and l was confused. He said, "Very well... farewell," and he walked out. I was left in the room on my own, and I fell asleep.

Once upon a time, I lived in

Once upon a time, I lived in a warehouse (think Warehouse 13). One dreary evening I realized I was being romantically pursued by an ex boyfriend his girlfriend. I spurned their advances and hid myself away in a small pub with a male coworker of mine. Over the course of the night, I found myself getting ill, but refused to leave. We ended up embroiled in a very intense discussion about unbreakable plates and bowls with the bartender. She was a very stout woman eating sauerkraut and pita bread. Eventually, I bid them farewell and went home to my warehouse where I proceeded to put telephones down my pants. It was as I was placing a particularly lovely princess style rotary in my pant leg that I realized the moral of this little tale: After being woken by a phone call, perhaps you shouldn't force yourself back into sleep if it's not immediately forthcoming