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I am hanging out with my old

I am hanging out with my old school friends. i have a crush on my ex crush, who is a friend of my olde friends. my crush calls and i answer with my old friend's phone he recognises my voice and then somehow he rejects me by telling his friends that he was not interested in the past too and neither is in the present. while speaking on the phone he's sitting in a room which looks well set up and has gaming facilities also a bean bag. he says he could have used me for fun but didn't so i should stop trying. and then i cry a lot sitting behind him in a bench like in a classroom. then a after some time he turns around and says 'oh stupid, you likes me?" and i keep crying and ignoring him packing up my bag to leave. but i think he w

I'm a boy and I have a

I'm a boy and I have a crush on this boy. I saw him in my dream in a relationship with a girl but there's a catch. She had the female version of my name. What could this mean

I was at a park surrounded with

I was at a park surrounded with people and i see my father standing completely naked in the middle of the park. A woman who I use to have a crush on, notices my father and takes him to a bathroom and has sex with him. She later comes out screaming, regretting that she got with him, claiming somebody made her do it.

I attended a concert with a guy

I attended a concert with a guy I have a crush on. He had friends there also. A dark haired woman confronted the guy and was upset that he was on a date with me and that they have children but he does not have children. We know each other in waking life in the past and he looked like back then 20 years ago. Other activities were at the concert and I took off my shoes, white sneakers. When I returned to get my shoes the dark haired woman was there and struggled to take my sneakers. I took another pair of sneakers that fitted, black and more worn with a rip near the toe area. The dark haired woman appeared to just finish selling tickets there and was upset her dog was in a car accident and I posted online about a dog in mishap. Much less severe and I was insensitive. The guy I’m with left the concert to meet up with his friends elsewhere

I had a dream where a boy,

I had a dream where a boy, who I know, was with me on a field trip. We were wearing masks, considering the pandemic, and I took of the mask and so did he. We began talking and laughing. He took my hand and we started to run back to our bus. Then the dream ended. I’ve had dreams about this boy before where we are either dating or hugging. Could it be because I used to have a crush on him and am having trouble getting over it?

I had dream that I had sex

I had dream that I had sex in a bathroom with a boy from high school who I used to have a crush on

I was at school and at lunch.

I was at school and at lunch. I was sitting at a packed table but known of them were my friends, but sitting across from me was someone who I use to have a crush on. He said to “hi let me kiss you on the cheek” i was about it say no but he kissed me on the cheek without me awnsering.

I am a girl, so here I

I am a girl, so here I am in a lunchroom cafeteria with some people but a girl I have a crush on and I know she like me is sitting next to me. I say I have to get lunch. I get up go to the line and the lunch lady won't give the fancy lunch so I talk to her and get a sandwhich, I go back to my lunch table and eat my food and dessert. While I finish the dessert the girl I have a crush on asks me for some of the chocalate that's inside my mouth so she shows me with her eyes that means her wanting to kiss me. But she wants me to kiss her so I kiss her on the lips French style in front of everyone but they don't see. Or care.

I was in my parents house. My

I was in my parents house. My mom and I went next door to meet our new neighbor. It was a young attractive man who I had never seen before. He seemed to have a crush on me and in the dream I returned those feelings. After coming back home my family seemed upset with me liking this young man. Then from out of nowhere the butler from Downton Abbey, who in this dream is apparently our butler, murders him for what he says is the good of our family. I then have flash backs to this boy knowing and admiring me from afar in our childhood. It makes me very resentful of my family for having him killed and I begin to investigate further into his life to find out who he was and why my family considered him such a threat.