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I was at a stem camp and

I was at a stem camp and i was the only person i knew there i made freinds. Then we went outside and i saw a old freind i want nothing to do with. I ignore her and go to the high school were i have old journals im throwing away. These guys steal them then i have to go find them because they mean alot to me. Then a guy freind who has a crush on me but i dont like him shows up and helps. He walks faster ahead of me and i try to catch up. We go to this firehouse and this dog terrifies me. I sit in a ball sobbing and rocking back and forth then i cant breathe and im clawing and reaching out but everyone ignores me. But as soon as my eyes start to drift close they rush to me. But as soon as i die i wake up

i have this dream where i am

i have this dream where i am with my two oousins one is 2 and the other is 16. we are walking and everything is normal we come to this highway wait for a clearing then cross. my two year old cousin runs off down this highway, we get to a point where there is this thick gray fog. i think its normal fog cars are on this highway and are passing us. my 16 year old cousin is behind me, whereas the two year old has run into the fog. i go in the fog to get him and instantly my breath is taken away i cant breathe, i hear my cousin telling me to come on but i tell her i cant and turn around to walk away. i wake up never knowing what happened to my two year old cousin or the 16 year old cousin.