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i pull up in front of a

i pull up in front of a house and tell my dog and daughter to stay in the car I have to deliver something to a house and when I walk in the door there are people in the rooms but they are not recognizable and they are spread out. Then someone tells me to write my phone number on the wall and he points behind me. I turn around and it looks to me like a giant chalk board with all kinds of numbers on it. For some reason I become very uncomfortable and want to leave, as I'm walking to the door, I'm suddenly outside and my car is driving off. I chase after it and I see my dog running after it too, then I see my daughter and she tells me run mom, he's coming. I turn around and someone is running towards me, I start running up a hill and it begins to rain and I'm having a hard time trying to catch my footing going up hill. As I get to the top of the hill the person chasing me grabs my ankle and I fall and turn around to push the person away and he lets go and he is clawing at the mud and I shove the person head down in the mud, then I wake up.

It begins with me and my best

It begins with me and my best friend sitting in a café and on my lap is a little boy who must be about 1 or 2 sitting in my lap. Then a boy that I used to be with but recently left me for his ex walks in with a good friend of his. The little boy jumps up off my lap and runs to him and refers to him as daddy. He asks me if we can talk and we begin to fight, but I tell him that we wont do this in front of out son and take the baby and leave. I buckle the baby in and when I go to pull out, I make eye contact with him and then all of a sudden my car is hit with me and the baby in it. I have also had a reoccurring dream the the same baby is in the backseat of my car and when I come to a 4 way light I see the same guy I used to be with, make eye contact with him and the he gets hit by a car and his truck goes rolling

For several nights now, I've had a

For several nights now, I've had a reoccuring dream, where my family's house is being attacked... It's nighttime, and the best way I can describe my assailants are similar to zombies, but they are moreso like angry, irrational beings, bent on destroying anything and everything they come in contact with.. But that's not the part I'd like to focus on. It seems it takes place during nighttime, and while my other family members are there with me, scared, I seem to be the only one holding the doors closed. Eventually, after several attempted breakins, someone does manage to push me back and break through, but to my surprise, it's what looks like an undead, creepy, young girl... Possibly 10-14 in age, based on appearance. Her voice appears normal, but I could feel anything but normal eminating from her. After some hazy dialogue, she threatens to kill everyone in the house. But gives me an option. She says she'll put me into a coma, and I reply with, "If that'll end all of this." As I begin to fall to the floor, it feels nothing like what I would imagine a falling into a coma would feel like. I have shortness of breath as it begins to feel like my lungs are filling up with liquid as my vision slowly begins to fade out into red and I atart slowly coming out of my dreamscape... There might not be anything to say about this, but any help would be greatly appreciated...

My dream Waking up I see that I'm

My dream Waking up I see that I'm stuck in a rocky abyss. The ground is brownish-red and the sky is the color of blood. A giant, 20 meters tall stands in front of me. It's skin an odd tan orange. Beastly in size and strength, it looks down at me with it's three eyes. Letting out a roar it begins after me as I quickly try and run away. My effort holds pointless as I run to a high and mighty wall of the red rock that makes up the abyss. The giant quickly goes to snatch me up, and I black out. Upon waking, I find myself in a hotel hallway. I finally get to the hotel room. Opening the door I take in my surroundings. The walls are white. A shagged light brown carpet sits beneath my feet. Looking toward the window I notice that see-through blue curtains are blowing from a draft. Upon further inspection I realize the window is fully closed, and the blinds are white, and closed as well. A brown leather chair sits across from an old t.v that has knobs and a broken antenna. A small glass coffee table sits in the middle. As I continue scrutinizing the area my father walks in from the bedroom. My mom quickly follows. They both begin talking and I go explore the bathroom. I notice that it's fairly small with only a toilet and a glass bowl on top of it. Looking closer I see that the bowl is full of wrapped condoms. I pick one up and observe it, then put it back. I turn around and my parents are acting rather strange. I pay them no mind. I walk out of our hotel room and feel an odd sense of loneliness as well as a sensation of being lost. As I walk down the hallway I contemplate over these feelings, passing by many doors that I seemed too have already opened. All of them empty. I continue walking until I get too the end of the hall and stop in front of a door. I pull out a golden key and hold it up too the door, unlocking it. I open the door and am surprised to find that not only is this room empty.. It is a complete void. Regardless of common sense, I step into the room, the door and the hotel disappearing behind me. The world moved around me with purples and blacks as well as some deep greens. All these colors swirling around non-stop. I simply watched the colors as they moved. After a few seconds I start too walk again. After a few hours of walking I reach a light and just continue into it, lacking any emotion. Once I enter the light, however, I begin too feel threatened and weak. The world turns dark and empty. Nothingness. I fall too my hands and knees, staring at the ground. (Even though their technically is no ground) seconds after I get dizzy and it feels as if I'm spinning. I then fall down face first unconscious. Upon waking, my vision blurs together and I see that i lay in a hospital bed. The world around me still appears frozen. I stand and walk out of the room. The doctors in the hall like statues. I walk down to the end of the hall into a bright light. After I seem to be engulfed within the blinding light, I awake.

I had a dream where in my

I had a dream where in my school was visited by the government bringing serial killers, like a circus. they were brought in circus cars like lions and tigers. and down one of the long hallways it is just lined with cages with dogs, barking pit bulls and they are barking and growling. and when you get to the end of the hall you see the serial killers handcuffed on their stomachs, on is in a straight jacket. they are balk and pale with pointy ears. they have shiny silver dog dishes in front of them. then one of the dogs, a little english bulldog, carries out very young puppies, maybe two weeks old. and the dog drops her own puppies into the dog dishes, and the serial killers eat them alive. then it pans in on on of the puppies face and it begins to cough up blood. then when you go into there circus cars it's set up like their murder scene and it has a book about how they killed the people they killed.


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