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I was on the edge of a

I was on the edge of a mountain and from there I saw a lady feeding the white pigeons and those pigeons turned into white wolves

I was in a place which was

I was in a place which was extremely cold.but however,i was feeling somewhat hot. I went with my friends. There was a vr game. In that game i was in a hotel and a lady was sitting beside me. Suddenly,she wanted to drink my blood. But I fought against her and she started looking like a tiger. Then I removed my vr and went to bed to take a nap. But when I woke up,i saw a tiger toy in my actual dream.

In my dream in my house there

In my dream in my house there are 2 big snakes in wall and I don't whos that my one girl we get out of home and at that time I'm pregnant, I'm not married roads are full of snakes all are calling that snake as rathinam road sides are coverd with fields and plants trees one lady ask me do u want papaya and I pulk one but I didn't eat it,not only I remember that papaya makes abort the baby,then me and my frd some girl we went to hospital there a nurse sister I show my document she asked oh ur pregnant I tell that I already came here before some years, and she also realised me and they make me to sit on chair and my boyfriend came there he's my husband and they moved me for bed and pain starts my boyfriend (husband)catched my hands that's all

I dreamt of being by a Riverside

I dreamt of being by a Riverside and seeing plenty of Calabash on the ground. A young lady came to fetch water and told me to pick one of the Calabash. Eventually I picked the oldest Calabash and left. On my way people where struggling to collect the Calabash from me don't I refuse and finally I escaped got a cab and the driver told me to handover the Calabash to my husband when I get home...

I was watching flowers in some kind

I was watching flowers in some kind of open room which was uknown for me. There was few strangers. Then, older lady with long gray hair came and she was also looking flowers. But then, she suddenly stabed me with knight in ribs. I try to call for help but she huged me and stab knight even deeper in my ribs and I was like paralised or something like that. I try to call those strangers for help, but they left and she was hugging me. Then, I ask her will she kill me, and she said no. Then, I asked will she torture me and she told me that she will cut my arms, legs and then head, but I wont feel any pain.

I was sleeping when a lady walk

I was sleeping when a lady walk to me with a calabash in her hand. She bend down and started whispering some incantations in my ear.

I visited someone i know her dog

I visited someone i know her dog start to bark and tried to attack me and then hold the dog's mouth and i could see it was in pain, the lady started to quarrel with me she was not happy with me and I had to leave her home but i saw the dog again on my way out in the road with a puppy and ignored me thats when i then saw my cousin sister but when i woke up my pants and penis where wet