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My dad is dead in real life.

My dad is dead in real life. I have a reoccurring dream that I'm back at his house and he's alive again. I'm in my old room and I do my normal nightly routine, turn on the heater, pick out clothes for the next morning, and fluff my pillow and climb under the sheets. I wake up to the sound of my dads voice and I thought it was strange because he isn't alive anymore. I get out of bed and go to the living room and he's sitting on the couch talking on the phone like he always did. I run to him and hug him. I shocked because how is he alive again. I feel like he's going to be ripped from my arms again.

So I invited my friend round to

So I invited my friend round to play smash bros with everyone, but when you got there for some reason everyone had already left for McDonald's. my living room was decorated like it was when I was a kid, the wifi went wrong and for some reason, the router was in the cupboard under the stairs, so I went to fix it and my friend came in with me, wearing a transparent shirt and a white bra that was too small. She hugged me then unclipped it and gave it to me, laughed at me Because I couldn't speak then hugged me again, a lot tighter then left, and when I came out it was as if nothing had happened and she was wearing a normal shirt, we just carried on with what we were doing

my family and i were in my

my family and i were in my pops house. my brother, mother, grandmom and sister were there. my sister was getting on my case because i have no work. im over 50 yrs old i told her its very hard to get hired at this age. and until she walks in my shoes and tries to get employed herself to leave me alone we were talking in the kitchen. everyone was in living room except me i was in the kitchen. my brother was in the kitchen too but i could not see him. my mom and grandmom kept coming in the kitchen and telling my brother not to eat pickles before they go. my sister mom and grandmom were in the living room.

In my old house there was a

In my old house there was a large window that you could see the driveway through. In the driveway I had three cars. Every time I have this dream it is night time. There is a group of hooded people in dark robes and I can't see their faces. At first they don't notice me but if I make an effort to attack them, they come toward me and shoot with guns. I was standing in my living room and they were shooting at me through the window. I got on the ground and they continued to shoot and I felt heat in my head. Soon they stopped, but every time they noticed me they would start shooting me again. My dad was also in the dream but they weren't trying to attack him like they attacked me. Throughout the entire dream, I could not see the faces on the hooded figures.