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I saw my cousin walking up a

I saw my cousin walking up a hill among various kids in uniform, he starts talking to some high schoolers and moves towards a school van that is full of guys( it is similar to one I've seen in my hometown when i was younger). As I leave, i fidget with a ring that was a gift from a friend and it still hurts me at the back. I see two guys in school uniform who were my brothers friends and i don't look at them but definitely saw them. Then suddenly see a couple near a temple like structure. The grooms ring doesn't fit so he tries to fidget with it too and the bride runs towards a jewellery shop and asks for a ring for herself. I am tempted and I also ask for a ring but trip on the doorway. Things probably fell out of my bag. I know the shopkeeper. He smiles and tells me there are no rings only one for the bride. As he picks up things from a box on the floor, I see my gold bangle and say that's mine. But he tells me its from the shop. I tell him of my receipt and call up a college friend (who apparently stays with me) but she has left the house and is going to class with a guy (someone we both hated in college). Then I remember that the gold bangle was bought nearby and the shopkeeper has the receipt too. It is my hometown but different. Then i look at my contacts and think if i should call up my mother

I was in hell, but also in

I was in hell, but also in the nether from Minecraft. I was walking through a tunnel that had holes revealing the outside world. I got to the end of the tunnel and it was this area with a nether portal, a chest, and shadow demons with crocs. They told me how the chest would have stuff to help me fight the Ender Dragon, but I wanted to talk to them before opening it. The demons really liked me besides one, but that didn't matter because that demon was hated by everyone already. He was a jerk so when he left the room and his croc came off I went into the chest to see what was inside and there was an egg and a stick. I took the egg out and cracked it into his croc so when he put his croc on, egg got all over his feet.

I got a dream where viswanath, km

I got a dream where viswanath, km and me were there. So we went to viswanath for some sort of class like he was teaching something. There was Divya beside me so I asked her if the pen was mine, she was so surprised and looking at me, I told her if it's yours let it be, check once and let me know if it's not just return to me. Later in the other scene there was one girl who was very fat so viswanath took her to by telling "tell me what happened that day clearly" (the girl was a abit frightened) along with viswanath km also went to my surprise. So I was writing some notes in my note book, to my utter surprise the book is English grammer and some theory which belongs to my mom, where I have written my name on it, but I observed it was scratched neatly. In the front page there was an old name some ancestral name starting with M. In the next scene, there was a nandini old friend of mine, where she was telling me km told me everything that you were abit upset that you didn't feel anything when you hugged him, I was just calm she informed me that like he told her if I could have shown her some feelings she may have felt that and he was upset about that. In the next scene, i saw a Muslim women down in the apartment where viswanath, girl, km and other man who went to talk to her, were about to return, i saw a scene where km was proposing that Muslim girl, like "why are torturing me, like he was telling her that he love her etc ., stuff I was very much surprised like he was some sort of forcing her and explaining her all kinds of details he was feeling about her. I saw all the stuff in that scene. I was in my home, the house was all empty, nobody was there with me.

So it's been a couple of days,

So it's been a couple of days, that I have been experiencing very disturbing dreams. I dreamt that I killed a few people. Those are strangers. After that my friends and family started calling me and labeled me as a criminal. I have worked so hard for my career and it all got finished beacuse of this action of mine. Yesterday I saw I killed someone I don't know, because they were constantly saying rubbish about my mother. Some people around me got to know instantly about it. They started calling me and saying killed someone again ???

Black Handprint all over the condo. The

Black Handprint all over the condo. The place had been stripped like it was a remodeling project. A brother of mine was on a ladder in the open entrance area near the wall. I asked him or rather stated to him in an accusitory manner, "What the hell!" And he turned the tables on me and said, "What the hell did you do to the place!" Now, I knew that I had done nothing. I began to think that maybe all my money had been stolen. I went to the closet and there was nothing there except in the back of the closet was a really small opening. It was rectangular in shape and it was open from the inside like a peep hole. What was below was a huge department store that was birghtly lit and I heard something being stated over the loud speaker.

I dreamed I was working in Publix

I dreamed I was working in Publix as a cashier the girl next to me suddenly quits her job telling me I should do the same. I don’t as I think it’s strange to just up and quit for no reason in continue to work. The end of my shift come up I go outside it’s now night time I look over to see a strange shaped moon almost diamond shaped but it’s clearly fake like something trying to cover out the night sky behind it and lower to the horizon I see three other moon and as I’m watching this the diamond shaped moon starts to move revealing a massive large object almost planet size coming to earth. Moments later an announcement comes over every broadcast stating and ele “extinction level event is imminent and there is a 100% chance of hitting the earth please stay calm and get to your loved ones. I look around to grid lock traffic everywhere and wake up. Never had a dream like that before

I had a dream where my husband

I had a dream where my husband and I were walking with our children and he said there was $140 on the ground. On the ground the money was on fire so I stomped on it and it was in tact with minor burn on the side like it had black markings but the whole bill was complete. Then I walked to my car and I believe a drug addict came and said I saw you pick up money it was $140 and it's mine. I knew it wasn't his because the amount I actually picked up was $120 and told him otherwise. I was acting so cold towards the person which took me back because I don't behave this way normally. What does this mean?The car broke down heading to work so I took a bike instead and as I was getting towards the freeway it was harder and harder to turn the pedals until I couldn't turn them anymore they became increasingly heavier. Then someone attached my bike to theirs to help me and when I got on the bike I was very high off the ground like almost 15 feet. And the bike would be swirving from side to side. I felt like I was going to fall but I never did. Eventually i got to work and when I got off I saw my husband being friendly with the person that helped me get to work but it didn't seem like he knew the person helped me. I felt uneasy about the person and couldn't put my finger on it and then I woke up