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Fighting a white tiger to protect a

Fighting a white tiger to protect a baby (maybe mine?). Made a candy type roll to distract white tiger which calmed it down but then planned to go into a room and lock door with "baby" and maybe another child was there. But the door had a curtain instead of a door. I had to make another "treat" for the tiger but didn't get to finish it when dream ended suddenly and I woke up.

I'm a man in my dream I

I'm a man in my dream I was wearing a long women dress and a Victorian wig walking in a familiar place I used to live a few years ago when the store clerk who was in the same building where I used to live noticed me approaching and began to study my face muttering: “A woman?!” I did not look at him or pay him any attention until I arrived at my house my father met me inside carrying my little four year old nephew in his arms ready to take him out pointing to his slippers: “These new slippers are mine. Don’t wear them by mistake, okay?” I took off the wig so he wouldn't notice it while I nodded.

I dreamt that I spent a night

I dreamt that I spent a night with my male friend but didn’t have sex with him, in the morning my boyfriend’s father came and was trying to come in but was blocking the door but he later managed to come in. He left after a few mine then my boyfriend came in with a cobra snake telling me that he will punish me for cheating on him

I've been having a dream I've not

I've been having a dream I've not had for a long time. My first sexual dream at 12 has come back to me at 25yrs old. I was in a castle with a pale faced, white gothic shirt, black jeans with a belt, long black gothic and hooded cloak and long black hair and a very elegant vampire named Vincent. All I can hear is "Come to me" as I try and find him. "This lady belongs to me. SHE'S MINE!!" Telling me "I know of your desires. You haven't learnt much yet, but allow me to be the first." I struggled to break free, but no luck. While I was getting wet between my legs and vagina, he lightly degrades me, licks me and occasionally orders "Obey your Master." I get spanked, licked on the breasts and vagina, his teeth lightly biting my neck to make me bleed, but not turning into a vampire as he knows his strength. As you might imagine, the dream was more intense while I was on my cycle. He knew whenever I was on my cycle and would lick the blood that I had and no longer embarrassed that he has and will seduce me as now I'm fully grown. As well as doing everything he can to fill my head with doubts if I try to fight him. Keep in mind, everything spoken by whispers

I was In my class with my

I was In my class with my 2 friends khushi with whom I am close and ritu who is a really good friend of mine.both my friends were sitting together and I was behind them and my crush was sitting in the row next to us then after an small eye contact he asked me to pass his pencil box to him I passed it to him and started to small conversation with him then me and my friends sat with him and his friends.my two friends with him and I was sitting with his friend we made a few jokes and then I heard ritu saying to khushi that my crush might like her as his hands were accidentally but constantly touching her saying how to convey it to me ...I just behaved like I didn't hear.

I dreamt I became able to turn

I dreamt I became able to turn the casino I work at into a beautiful home and that nature that once surrounded the area came back and took over. The full native women were angry with me that I could catch, clean, and cook the large fish I caught and that I could communicate peacefully with the wild creatures around me. The fishing became a contest and the bullying women were determined to get me to fail. Two of the actual full tribal men I work with- an elder male and a younger male defended me. When I caught the largest fish, the bullying women were screaming as they were pulled into the icy slush that had formed on the curvy rivers edge and disappeared. Crows,ravens,wolves, deer, and a large golden black bear gathered and celebrated me. The younger tribal male placed a hand on my left shoulder, smiled and winked, stepped back. Then the elder male placed his hands on both my shoulders, nodded at me and said, quietly "they could not survive because they could not remember their ways. You survived because you knew all along and your ancestors are pleased"

I was going on a school trip

I was going on a school trip with all any out of school fiends and my mum was also there, I got on the bus and my family friend was there and I thought his hot brother was sitting behind him and there was a free seat next to him so I sat down but it turned out to be Heath Taylor, who is very annoying but funny so I was stuck on a 2 hour bus ride with heath. When we go to our destination there were 4 different islands. One had the hotel/resort on it then one was an island made fully out of obsidian that Chloe was old because she could turn everything to lava and she would flood the hotel with lava. The second island had a volcano next to it and it was full of plants but very swampy because Amirah could flood the hotel with water and create water out of thin air. The third island was mostly dirt but it was very close to the volcano on Amirah’s island so they were basically connected, this island was for Lena and she had powers of earth and could used wind to remove shards of rock from the volcano and use them as knifes. There were different periods of time where the hotel would either be flooded with water or lava or there would be rock spears flying around the air. I got bored of being in my room so I went outside to the roof of the hotel above the pool, I looked out on the different island as there were different boats full of my friends going to visit the islands, there was one teacher form my school, Miss Hoffman who was a relief teacher for my class in year 4. I was not supposed to be out on the roof so I hid in an air vent until she walked away. I crawled thought he air vent until I ended up in a massive room that was much nicer than mine and it had 2 king sized beds a massive tv and a whole living area, suddenly Erin came in and even though we are really good friends in real life, in this dream she was like a celebrity so I quickly sprinted out of her room before she saw me. When I was running through the hallway someone stopped me and told me my mum was crying because she couldn’t find me anywhere I quickly went to my mums hotel room and found her crying in the shower as she called the hotel staff to keep a look out for me.

I dreamed of a friend of mine

I dreamed of a friend of mine who came by my apartment unannounced, I peeped through the peep hole and saw her with her sister as well as her kids I was trying to shush my son so she wouldn't hear me but somehow she picked my lock and walked in then they bumbared my kitchen cooked what they wanted destroyed every room then left

My second dream My wife had given

My second dream My wife had given birth to a kid and I wanted to hate him but I couldn't. It was like the kids dad was her ex and not mine and it wasn't too clear, the kid would stand up and before I woke up my woman had gotten naked to go shower and the volume of the radio was too loud so I went to turn it down then woke up because I wanted to follow her to the shower

I saw a dream where my marriage

I saw a dream where my marriage was arranged with my colleague at office by the families. But I had feelings for someone else this whole time. But I didn't express my love to him though we both had a connection. Thus the wedding preparations of that of me and my colleague progressed and likewise the person I loved had his marriage fixed on the same day as mine. On the marriage day my wedding with my colleague was called off as I couldn't forget my love and and went in search of the man I loved to his wedding only to realise he has called off his wedding and was coming in search of me.