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I was a cow eating grass in

I was a cow eating grass in a meadow. In her human body my sister came around and we started fighting. During the fight I squirted my milk on her and was better than her. But suddenly she punched my udder and bites my teats and milked me as long as I got weaker and lost the fight while she was laughing

I was with my ex partner who

I was with my ex partner who sexually assaulted me in the past, I told him to leave because everyone hates him and he didn't want to. After that I started hitting him with spiky branches and he kept yelling. He started trying to hit me back but I managed to take the branch away and I punched him with my fists so much that he started turning into a smaller and smaller doll made of ash, when I realized what I've done I told him that he ruined my life, that he's going to suffer for that and that he suffers for what he's done