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Had a dream late night. My late

Had a dream late night. My late father came to me in school and said something about food and gave some. Then later again I slept off and while in school he brought a whole wheel barrow full with food stuff that himself and My late mother went to the market and bought the food and he brought it to me. Then I asked him how do they even managed to carry the food in the wheel barrow up stairs to bring it to my room and he laugh. So I off loaded all the food in my room and the wheelbarrow man and my late father left.

Almost Lucid. In my house, I walk

Almost Lucid. In my house, I walk through an upstairs hallway. I look into one bedroom where I spend a short period looking at the objects that exist in it. A figure appears. Its cloaked, and points at me. It leads me to another room parallel. The door leads to an open ceiled room. It is rectangular, and on all sides architectural arcades span the walls. A long dining table sits at one side of the room. The cloaked figure points towards it. I see my family sitting in stokades and shackles, and finally they walk in chains.

My mother recently died and still isn’t

My mother recently died and still isn’t buried. She got lost due to dementia and died of hypothermia. I dreamt she fell down stairs and her back was against th wall at bottom of stairs and her eyes closed

I’m washing dishes. There are so many

I’m washing dishes. There are so many dishes. And they fall into the water and splash me. I’m soaked. I put them back on the shelf above the sink and continue to wash dishes. It’s like there’s more and more and more. They keep falling into the water. There’s an older couple that show up and they start doing chores together. I watch them and it’s like a dance. It’s graceful and they clean in no time together. And I’m still at the sink doing the dishes that never end. I’m in a church. In a very back pew. I’m not a member of this church. Everyone is standing up for communion and they head downstairs for communion and come back up. I couldn’t watch the communion like at other churches. And I have to let people by just like a Catholic Church as they pile out. I see some friends and walk to the house across the road from the church. It’s Michelle’s moms house. Place that is so old and in ruins. A little fuzzy in the middle But some guy says Blake is engaged. I think he’s suggesting Blake is engaged to him. The girl I’m with I’m like… is Blake engaged? And she says yes. I see Blake and go sit next to him. I said I hear you’re engaged. He says yes. I said congratulations. Then I say looks like you’ve proposed to everyone, everyone I’ve talked to says you proposed to them. He laughs and he’s engaged to a girl. I wanted to see her photo but didn’t ask. I didn’t ask because I realized it was because id compare her to myself and didn’t think that was fair. I asked him if he could afford a wife. The other friend says well he has a car payment now. And I thought that might even make things worse. He said yes I’m good. But the house he was living in didn’t belong to him and he couldn’t afford a house payment. He was unhappy with me. So I’m like I’ll go back to the church. There’s a pair of skates or a bicycle that I could take back to the church. He says you could take back both. And I asked how. And he says duh. You take the skates and then come back and take the bike. I looked at him and said I’m not doing that. I’ll take one. Not both. He’s saying goodbye to me and he puts his face in my breast and rubs his face back and forth. When I look down he’s moved his head to the side. Our friend noticed

Houses on the beach, very confusing architecture,

Houses on the beach, very confusing architecture, sometimes I’m not allowed to go to certain floors or rooms. Sometimes when I can get to where I can see the ocean, it is always right before a tsunami hits, but with enough time to try to warn and rescue people. Houses usually have really cool bathrooms and secret doors and scary stairs.

I “woke up” and i remember that

I “woke up” and i remember that i couldn't move my whole body, but i could open my eyes.i opened my eyes and i tried to move but nothing was moving so i was laying in my bed staring at the wall to try and go to sleep. Then i got dragged off my bed from something by my feet and i was getting pulled into a basement when i dont have one, it's a walk in closet. Then I grabbed onto the ledge of the doorway to go up the stairs and I could move my arms but I couldn't feel or move my legs so I started to army crawl up the stairs with just my arms. I started screaming “mom” as loud as I could but it came out as whispering. then i realized i was paralyzed. And then I woke up.