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There was a deer outside in my

There was a deer outside in my neighborhood and I was excited to see it. I tried to show my mom but she was being frustrating and almost caused me to miss it. It came back so I ran outsid to try to feed it half an apple. It was sliced several times and looked like a pomegranate. The deer didn't want it. The deer had a face like a ugly human girl but I thought I was still cute. It was tied by the hind leg by a rope. A man in a green hunting jacket came out and said it's his deer. There was another one down the road near his truck. It was also tied by the back hind leg but had a normal face. Jeffree star showed up to hang out with me and he decided to inform me the hunger had the baby deer tied up so he could lay on top of them and smother them to death.

I had a dream I was riding

I had a dream I was riding in the back seat of a car and watched a huge red truck fall from the sky into the ocean

: i got kidnapped with bunch of

: i got kidnapped with bunch of people. we had to fight against the ones who wanted us dead. we were hiding behind a car because they were shooting at us . one black man helped me get in the car. i asked him for a snapper. i had to shoot at them and at trucks coming at us. after the explosion of millions of trucks. my grandparents car was behind those trucks. i got scared for them. they were smiling. everyone with me died . i was the only survivor. one girl i knew , i didn't see her for a long time , maybe about 7 years helped me drive a car we found, he were struggling and fighting two men with knifes. she sacrificed herself until i got home safe.the men died . i called my dad along the way telling him about my grandparents.but when i got home i felt strange. home was weird. i was scared.

There was a lightning storm that started

There was a lightning storm that started at the neighbors house . It stared a fire which burned into my house. I was with my husband and my daughter. My dog was there also. We ran from it.the storm was in the whole city.When it stopped my husband was able to call his sister to see if we could stay at a hotel she works with.we got in a truck to drive to the hotel.

My husband dreamt that him, I and

My husband dreamt that him, I and my brother Amr were in a big moving truck and they have have something valuable that is white and shines and they are very scared about it from the devil. Then the devil came flying while we were on the truck and my husband found him on his face then held him with his hand and threw him to the floor. Then the devil flew to the sky and my husband turned into an angle with white wings and my husband flew off behind him, held him by then neck and threw him on the ground. Then my husband found himself on the ground and me and my brother Amr were in the truck while it was going. My husband found another truck in order to come after us and we were going to my father's place and my husband said that if I am in my father's place then he will come and if not, he will bring the king.

I dreamt i was in an apartment

I dreamt i was in an apartment that was partially my kitchen at the seaside, partially some classroom and partially something unknown. My parents were away. It was night. There was a boy friend from my class with me and there was this black woman i liked really much. There was more people but they weren't valuable. I wore peanut butter shoes. All the other people died, including the black woman and my friend and I were the only ones left. We tried to sleep on the balcony but he got struck by lightning and fell fown and died. I screamed in shock and made a face. That lightning also ruined and fried my favorite wooden music box that my mom got me from Malaysia.

The father of my kids has paid

The father of my kids has paid lobola. So in a way we are engaged. I dream seeing him in a big truck busy. So a lady I know comes and gives me my partner's trouser. She says your partner asked me to come and give you. I check him out from where I was and his naked. I clam myself down then said his mentally disturbed.

Mister My Pillow dressed like a girl

Mister My Pillow dressed like a girl working as a lot lizard servicing long haul truckers but still with his mustache and voice so it was a little weird